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Folia Slavica A journal of Slavic, Baltic, and Balkan linguistics and philology no longer in publication. Approximately one volume were published per year, with three numbers per volume and at least 378 pages per volume. Published were: Volume 1 (1977-78); Volume 2 (1978); Volume 3 (1979); Volume 4 (1980-81); Volume 5 (1982); Volume 6 (1983-84); Volume 7 (1984-85); Volume 8 (1986-87). Publication was suspended after Volume 8, and no more are expected. A limited number of copies remain for sale. Prices: $35.00 per volume for libraries and institutions, $20 for individuals for private use. Sales are by volumes, not years. All back volumes are available. ISSN: 0160-9394.

International Journal of Slavic Linguistics and Poetics Founded by Roman Jakobson, Edited by Dean S. Worth, Edward Stankiewicz, C. H. Van Schooneveld, Walter N. Vickery. Also no longer a regular publication, a limited number of copies remain for sale. ISSN: 0538-8228

Oral Tradition Edited by John M. Foley In 2007, Oral Tradition ceased to be published in its traditional print format but is available online, free of charge. Additional information and links to issues currently available on line may be found at the home page for the Center for Studies in Oral Tradition at the University of Missouri. Oral Tradition has one volume per year. From Volume 1 through Volume 6, there were three numbers per volume. Volumes starting with 7 (1992) have two numbers per volume, but at least the same total number of pages is published in each volume. The greater single-issue length has also allowed the introduction of a new feature: "clusters" of essays on particular topics or areas, amid the customary mix of articles on a variety of fields. Back Issue Prices $45 per volume for libraries and Institutions $35 for individuals. All back volumes are available.

Edited by John M. Foley

Volume 16 (2001)
Numbers 1 and 2

Number 1

Orality and Basque Nationalism: Dancing with the Devil or Waltzing into the Future
Linda White
I Control the Idioms: Creativity in Ndebele Praise Poetry
H.C. Groenewald
Americanist Anthropolgoy and the Oral Homer
John F. Garcia, Milman Parry and A.L. Kroeber
Personal Favor and Public Influence: Arete, Arsinoe II, and the Argonautica
Anatole Mori
The Limits of Textuality: Mobility and Fire Production in Homer and Beowulf
Guillemette Collins
Homer and Rhapsodic Competition in Performance
Derek Collins
Performance and Norse Poetry: The Hydromel of Praise and The Effluvia of Scorn: The Albert Lord and Milman parry Lecture for 2001
Stephen A. Mitchell

Number 2
Special Issue: "Chinese Oral Traditions."
Guest Editor: Chao Gejin

A Preliminary Analysis of the Oral Shamanistic Songs of the Manchus
Song Heping
The Bard Jusup Mamay
Ling Yang
Nakhi Tiger Myth in its Context
Bai Gengsheng
A Brief Account of Bensen Ulger and Ulgeren Bense
Bab Spring: Tibetan Epic Singers
Zhambei Gyaltsho
On the Study of the Narrative Structure of Tibetain Epic: A Record of King Gesar
Yang Enhong
The Mythology of Tibetan Mountain Gods: An Overview
Xie Jisheng
The Rhinoceros Totem and Pangu Myth: An Formation and Development
Wu Xiaodong
The Oirat Epic Cycle Jangar
Chao Gejin
Dong Oral Poetry: Kuant Cix
Deng Minwen
Traditional Nuosu Origin Narratives: A Case Study of Ritualized Epos in Bimo Incantation Scriptures
Bamo Qubumo

Edited by John M. Foley

Volume 15 (2000)
Numbers 1 and 2

Number 1

Chiji Akoma
The "Trick" of Narratives: History, Memory, and Performance in Toni Morrison's Paradise
Antonio Scuderi
Dario Fo and Oral Tradition: Creating a Thematic Context
Andrew Wiget
Cycle Construction and Character Development in Central Algonkian Trickster Tales
Matthew Simpson
"O man do not scribble on the book": Print and Counter-print in a Scottish Englightenment University
Barry B. Powell
Text, Orality, Literacy, Tradition, Dictation, Education, and Other Paradigms of Exlication in Greek Literacy Studies

Northern European Traditions

Thomas A. DuBois
The Narrator's Voice in Kalevala and Kalevipoeg
Ülo Valk
Ex Ovo Omnia: Where Does the Balto-Finnic Cosmogony Originate?
Joseph Harris
Beowulf as Epic
John Lindow
Thor's Visit to Útgarðaloki

Number 2

Mark C. Amodio
Tradition, Performance, and Poetics in the Early Middle English Period
Lauri Harvilahti
Altai Oral Epic
Stephan Meyer
Collaborative Auto/biography: Notes on an Interview with Margaret McCord on The Calling of Katie Makanya: A Memoir of South Africa
Anna-Leena Siikala
Body, Performance, and Agency in Kalevala Rune-Singing
Koenraad Kuiper
On the Linguistic Properties of Formulaic Speech
Sybil Thornton
Kōnodai senki: Traditional Narrative and Warrior Ideology in Sixteenth-Century Japan

Edited by John M. Foley

Volume 14 (1999)
Numbers 1 and 2

Number 1

Martin S. Jaffee
Oral Tradition in the Writings of Rabbinic Oral Torah: On Theorizing Rabbinic Orality
Steven D. Fraade
Literary Composition and Oral Performance in Early Midrashim
Yaakov Elman
Orality and the Redaction of the Babylonian Talmud
Elizabeth Shanks Alexander
The Fixings of the Oral Mishnah and the Displacement of Meaning
Dan Ben-Amos
Jewish Folk Literature

Edited by John M. Foley

Volume 13 (1998)
Numbers 1 and 2

Number 1

Thematic issue on "Native American Oral Traditions: Collaboration and Interpretation," Larry Evers and Barre Toelken, special editors

Larry Evers and Barre Toelken
Introduction: Collaboration in the Translation and Interpretation of Native American Oral Traditions
Felipe S. Molina and Larry Evers
"Like this it stays in your hands": Collaboration and Ethnopoetics
Nora Marks Dauenhauer and Richard L. Dauenhauer
Tracking "Yuwaan Gageets": A Russian Fairy Tale in Tlingit Oral Tradition
Marya Moses and Toby C. S. Langen
Reading Martha Lamont's Crow Story Today
Ofelia Zepeda and Jane Hill
Collaborative Sociolinguistic Research among the Tohono O'odham
Darryl Babe Wilson and Susan Brandenstein Park
"Wu-ches-erik (Loon Woman) and Ori-aswe (Wildcat)"
George B. Wasson and Barre Toelken
Coyote and the Strawberries: Cultural Drama and Intercultural Collaboration
Elsie P. Mather and Phyllis Morrow
"There Are No More Words to the Story"

Number 2

Reflections on Myth and History: Tuareg Concepts of Truth, "Lies," and "Children's Tales"
Susan J. Rasmussen
"Signs on a white field": A Look at Orality in Literacy and James Joyce's Ulysses
Sabine Habermalz
E-Texts: The Orality and Literacy Issue Revisited
Bruce Lionel Mason
Suzhou Tanci Storytelling in China: Contexts of Performance
Mark Bender
Translation and Orality in the Old English Orosius
Deborah VanderBilt
Oral English in South African Theater of the 1980's
Yvonne Banning
A Comparative Study of the Singing Styles of Mongolian and Tibetan Geser/Gesar Artists
Yang Enhong
Cultural Assimilation in Njál's saga
Craig R. Davis
The Creation of the Ancient Greek Epic Cycle
Ingrid Holmberg

Edited by John M. Foley

Volume 12 (1997)
Numbers 1 and 2

Number 1

A thematic issue on "South Asian Oral Traditions," Gloria Goodwin Raheja, special editor

Gloria Goodwin Raheja
Introduction: The Paradoxes of Power and Community: WomenÕs Oral Traditions and the Uses of Ethnography
Kirin Narayan
Singing from Separation: WomenÕs Voices in and about Kangra Folksongs
Joyce Burkhalter Flueckiger
"There are Only Two Castes: Men and Women": Negotiating Gender as a Female Healer in South Asian Islam
Ann Grodzins Gold
Outspoken Women: Representations of Female Voices in a Rajasthani Folklore Community
Kathryn S. March
Two Houses and the Pain of Separation in Tamang Narratives from Highland Nepal
Gloria Goodwin Raheja
Negotiated Solidarities: Gendered Representations of Disruption and Desire in North Indian Oral Traditions and Popular Culture
A. K. Ramanujan
"A Flowering Tree": A Woman's Tale

Number 2

Thomas A. Hale
From the Griot of Roots to the Roots of Griot: A New Look at the Origins of a Controversial African Term for Bard
Vaira V´úis-Freibergs
Sink or Swim: On Associative Structuring in Longer Latvian Folksongs
Leslie Stratyner
The "Battle with the Monster: Transformation of a Traditional Pattern in "The Dream of the Road"
Chao Gejin
Mongolian Oral Epic Poetry: An Overview
Walter Feldman
Two Performances of the "Return of Alpamis,": Current Performance-Practice in the Uzbek Oral Epic of the Sherabad School
Catherine S. Quick
Annotated Bibliography 1986Ð1990