Oral Tradition Volume 4

Edited by John M. Foley

Volume 4 (1989)
Numbers 1, 2 and 3

Numbers 1-2 (Arabic Oral Traditions)

Qur'an Recitation: A Tradition of Oral Performance and Transmission
Frederick M. Denny
Oral Traditions of the Prophet Muhammad: A Formulaic Approach
R. Marston Speight
Which Came First: The Zajal or the Muwashshaha? Some Evidence for the Oral Origins of Hispano-Arabic Strophic Poetry
James T. Monroe
From History to Fiction: The Tale Told by the King's Steward in the Thousand and One Nights
Muhsin Mahdi
Sirat Bani Hilal: Introduction and Notes to an Arab Oral Epic Tradition
Dwight F. Reynolds
Epic Splitting: An Arab Folk Gloss on the Meaning of the Hero Pattern
Bridget Connelly and Menry Massie
Arabic Folk Epic and the Western Chanson de Geste
H.T. Norris
"Tonight My Gun is Loaded": Poetic Dueling in Arabia
Saad Abdullah Sowayan
Sung Poetry in the Oral Tradition of the Gulf Region and the Arabian Peninsula
Simon Jargy
The Development of the Lebanese Zajal: Genre, Meter, and Verbal Duel
Adnan Hayar
Palestinian Improvised-Sung Poetry: The Genres of Hida and Qarradi--Performance and Transmission
Dirghm H. Sbait
Bani Halba Classification of Poetic Genres
Teirab AshShareef
Oral Transmission in Arabic Music, Past and Present
George D. Sawa
Book Review

Number 3

Improvisation in Hungarian Ethnic Dancing: An Analog to Oral Verse Composition
Wayne Kraft
"Beowulf Was Not There": Compositional Aspects of Beowulf, Lines 1299b-1301
Michael D. Cherniss
Song, Ritual, and Commemoration in Early Greek Poetry and Tragedy
Charles Segal
Formulaic Diction in Kazakh Epic Poetry
Karl Reichl
Oral Verse-Making in Homer's Odyssey (The Milman Parry Lectures for 1989)
William C. Scott
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