Oral Tradition Volume 9

Edited by John M. Foley

Volume 9 (1994)
Numbers 1 and 2

Number 1

Cluster on African Oral Traditions
Introduction: The Search for Grounds in African Oral Tradition
Lee Haring
Field of Life, Sowing of Speech, Harvest of Acts
Sory Camara
Social Speech and Speech of the Imagination: Female Identity and Ambivalence in Bambura-MalinkX Oral Literature
Veronika Grg-Karady
Freedom to Sing, License to Insult: The Influence of Hal Performance on Social Violence Among the ANlo Ewe
Daniel K. Avorgbedor
Pattern, Interaction, and the Non-Dialogic in Performance by Hausa Rap Artists
Sa'ido Babura Ahmed and Graham Furniss
Oral Literary Criticism and the Performance of the Igbo Epic
Chukwuma Azuonye
On the Sense and Nonsense of Performance Studies Concerning Oral Literature of the Bulsa in Northern Ghana
Rudiger Schott
Silent Voices: The Role of Somali Women's Poetry in Social and Political Life
Zainab Mohamed Jama
Women's Discourse on Social Change in Nzema (Ghanaian) Maiden Songs
K.E. Agovi
Through Ambiguous Tales: Women's Voices in Chokwe Storytelling
Rachel I. Fretz
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Number 2

Informing Performance: Producing the Coloquio in Tierra Blanca
Richard Bauman and Pamela Ritch
Oral Genres and the Art of Reading in Tibet
Anne Carolyn Klein
Forrest Spirits: Oral Echoes in Leon Forrest's Prose
Bruce A. Rosenberg
Cluster on Editing Oral Traditions: Ethnopoetics, Oral-Formulaic Theory, and Editing Texts
Dell Hymes
Homer's Style: Non-Formulaic Geatures of an Oral Aesthetic
Joseph Russo
Performing a Thousand and One Nights in Egypt
Susan Slyomivics
The Ethnography of Scribal Writing and Anglo-Saxon Poetry: Scribe as Performer
A.N. Doane
Editing Beowulf: What Can Study of the Ballads Tell Us?
John D. Niles
Symposium (Teresa Catarella)
Meetings and Professional Notes
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