Oral Tradition Volume 6

Edited by John M. Foley

Volume 6 (1991)
Numbers 1 and 2

Number 1

Folk Traditions in Serbo-Croatian Literary Culture
Svetozar Koljevic
The Evolution of an Oral Tradition: Race-Calling in Canterbury, New Zealand
Koenraad Kuiper
Serial Defamation in Two Medieval Tales: The Icelandic Olkofra Tattr and The Irish Scela Mucce Meic Datho
William Sayers
There's Nothing Natural About Natural Conversation: A Look at Dialogue in Fiction and Drama
Ryan Bishop
Compound Diction and Traditional Style in Beowulf and Genesis A
Jeffrey Alan Mazo
Phemius' Last Stand: The Impact of Occasion on Tradition in the Odyssey
Carol Dougherty
Tradition, But What Tradition and For Whom? (The Milman Parry Lecture on Oral Tradition for 1989-1990)
Ruth Finnegan
Symposium: Rules for Art in Oral Tradition Proceedings from the 1988 Modern Language Association section
Toward an Evolutionary Ontology of Beauty
Frederick Turner
The Oral Aesthetic and the Bicameral Mind
Carl Lindahl
Literary Aesthetics in Oral Art
Robert L. Kellogg

Numbers 2-3

John S. Miletich
Yugoslav Oral Lyric, Primarily in Serbo-Croatian
Vladimir Bovan
Notes on the Poetics of Serbo-Croatian Folk Lyric
Hatidzha Krnjevic
Macedonian Folk Poetry, Principally Lyric
Tome Sazdov
Bulgarshcice: A Unique Type of Archaic Oral Poetry
Josip Kekez
Balladic Forms of the Bugarshcice and Epic Songs
Maja Boshkovic-Stulli
The Folk Ballad in Slovenia
Zmaga Kumer
The Legend of Kosovo
Jelka Redep
Concluding Formulas of Audience Address in the Serbo-Croatian Oral Epic
Marija Kleut
The Montenegrin Oral Epic in a New Perspective
Novak Kilibarda
The Geographical Extent and Chronological Coordinates of South Slavic Moslem Oral Epic
Denana Buturovic
Enjambment as a Criterion for Orality in Homeric and South Slavic Oral Poetry
Zdeslav Dukat
Continuity and Chage in Folk Prose Narrative
Nada Miloshavic-Dordevic
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