Oral Tradition Volume 5

Edited by John M. Foley

Volume 5 (1990)
Numbers 1, 2 and 3

Number 1

Worlds Apart: Orality, Literacy, and the Rajasthani Folk-Mahabharata
John D. Smith
King Solomon's Magic: The Power of a Written Text
Marie Nelson
A Typology of Mediation in Homer
Keith Dickson
Special Section: Early Scholarship on Oral Traditions
Preface to the Dialect of the Kara-Kirgiz
Wilhelm Radloff
Marcel Jousee: The ORal Style and The Anthropolgy of Gesture
Edgard Richard Sienaert
The Singers and Their Epic Songs
Matija Murko
Symposium, Book Reviews, About the Authors

Numbers 2-3
Special Double Issue on South Pacific Oral Traditions, with Ruth Finnegan and Margaret Orbell as Guest Editors.

Introduction: or, Why the Comparativist Should Take Account of the South Pacific
Ruth Finnegan
"My Summit Where I Sit": Form and Content in Meori Women's Love Songs
Margaret Orbell
Wry Comment from the Outback: Songs of Protest from Niva Islands, Tonga
Wendy Pond
Sex and Slander in Tikopia Song: Public Antagonism and Private Intrigue
Raymond Firth
Wept Thoughts: The Voicing of Kaluli Memories
Steven Feld
Profile of a Composer: Ihaia Puka, a Pulotu of the Tokelau Islands
Allan Thomas and Ineleo Tuia
Fiction, Fact, and Imagination: A Tokelau Narrative
Judith Huntsman
"That Isn't Really a Pig": Spirit Traditions in the Southern Cook Islands
Christian Clerk
"Head" and "Tail": The Shaping of Oral Traditions among the Beinandere in Papua New Guinea
John D. Waiko
Every Picture Tells a Story: Visual ALternatives to Oral Tradition in Ponam Society
James Carrier and Achsah Carrier
Winged Tangi'ia: A Mangaian Dramatic Performance
Marivee McMath and Teaea Parima
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