Oral Tradition Volume 3

Edited by John M. Foley

Volume 3 (1988)
Numbers 1, 2 and 3

Numbers 1-2

Homer and Oral Tradition: The Formula, Part II
Mark W. Edwards
Oral Tradition and Welsh Literature: A Description and Survey
Brynley F. Roberts
A Formulaic Analysis of Samples Taken from the Shhnma of Firdowsi
O.M. Davidson
The Buddhist Tradition of Prosimetric Oral Narrative in Chinese Literature
Victor H. Mair
Oral Text: A South Indiana Instance
Richard M. Swiderski
Oral-Formulaic Research in Old English Studies: II.
Alexandra Hennessey Olsen
Annotated Bibliography (38 pages)
Symposium, Reviews, Meetings, and Professional Notes

Number 3

Before Textuality: Orality and Interpretation
Walter J. Ong
Ninna-nanna-nonsense? Fears, Dreams, and Falling in the Italian Lullaby
Luisa Del Giudice
Text and Music in Romanian Oral Epic
Margaret Hiebert Beissinger
Incipient Literacy: From Involvement to Integration in Tojolabal Maya
Jill Brody
Lord of Singers
Jeff Opland
Oral Life and Literary Death in Medieval Irish Tradition
Joseph Falaky Nagy
Index for Volumes 2 and 3