Oral Tradition Volume 18

Edited by John M. Foley

Volume 18 (2003)
Numbers 1 and 2

Number 1

People's Poetry
Steve Zeitlin
The PeopleÕs Poetry

The Poem Performed

Elizabeth Oyler
The Heike in Japan
Shelley Fenno Quinn
Japanese Noh and Heike katari
Sybil A. Thornton
Japanese Oral Tradition
Alison Tokita
Performed Narratives and Music in Japan
Yamashita Hiroaki
The Japanese Tale of the Heike

Richard Horsley
Oral Tradition in New Testament Studies
Martin S. Jaffee
Oral Tradition and Rabbinic Studies
Werner H. Kelber
Oral Tradition in Bible and New Testament Studies
Susan Niditch
Oral Tradition and Biblical Scholarship

Elizabeth C. Fine
Performance Praxis and Oral Tradition
Thomas A. McKean
Tradition as Communication

Ancient Greek
Egbert J. Bakker
Homer as an Oral Tradition
Michael Barnes
Oral Tradition and Hellenistic Epic: New Directions in Apollonius of Rhodes
David Bouvier
The Homeric Question: An Issue for the Ancients?
Casey DuŽ
Ancient Greek Oral Genres
Mark W. Edwards
Homer and the Oral Tradition
Margalit Finkelberg
Neoanalysis and Oral Tradition in Homeric Studies
Richard P. Martin
The Grain of Greek Voices
Gregory Nagy
Oral Poetics and Homeric Poetry
Steve Reece
Homeric Studies
M. D. Usher
The Reception of Homer as Oral Poetry

Ruth Finnegan
"Oral Tradition": Weasel Words or Transdisciplinary Door to Multiplexity?
H. C. Groenewald
Zulu Oral Art
Thomas Hale
Oral Tradition in the Context of Verbal Art
Beverly Stoeltje
The Global and the Local with a Focus on Africa

Tibetan and Chinese
Anne Klein
Orality in Tibet
Peace B. Lee
The Metamorphosing Field of Chaoxianzu Oral Literature
Yang Enhong
Tibetan Oral Epic

Lina Bugiene
Oral Tradition in Lithuania
Jonas Zdanys
Translating Lithuanian Poetry

Pertti Anttonen
The Perspective from Folklore Studies
Daniel Avorgbedor
Stumbling with/over Scripts: Vignettes
Joel M. Halpern
Some Reflections on the "Poetry Slam of Radivoje Ili¦": Thoughts on the Interplay of the Oral and Visual
Lee Haring
Continual Morphing
Bonnie D. Irwin
Frame Tales and Oral Tradition
Catharine Mason
Oral Poetry in the Foreign Language Classroom
Amy Shuman
Oral History
Saad A. Sowayan
A Plea for an Interdisciplinary Approach to the Study of Arab Oral Tradition
Timothy R. Tangherlini
"Oral Tradition" in a Technologically Advanced World
†lo Valk
Oral Tradition and Folkloristics
Linda White
Basque Bertsolaritza

Number 2

Samuel G. Armistead
Pan-Hispanic Oral Tradition
Isabel Cardigos
Marcia Farr
Oral Traditions in Greater Mexico
J. J. Dias Marques
Portuguese Narrative Poetry
Carlos Nogueira
Oral Tradition: A Definition
J. M. Pedrosa
Oral Tradition as a Worldwide Phenomenon
Suzanne H. Petersen
Towards Greater Collaboration in Oral Tradition Studies
John Zemke
Medieval Spanish and Judeo-Spanish

Mary Ellen Brown
The Popular Ballad and Oral Tradition
William Bernard McCarthy
The Implicated Ballad
Tom Pettitt
Ballads and Bad Quartos: Oral Tradition and the English Literary Historian

Mary-Anne Constantine
Thoughts on Oral Tradition
Sioned Davies
From Storytelling to Sermons: The Oral Narrative Tradition of Wales
Dafydd Johnston
Oral Tradition in Medieval Welsh Poetry: 1100-1600
Joseph Falaky Nagy
Fighting Words

Michael Chesnutt
Orality in a Norse-Icelandic Perspective
Lauri Harvilahti
Folklore and Oral Tradition
Stephen Mitchell
Reconstructing Old Norse Oral Tradition
G’sli Sigur¶sson
Medieval Icelandic Studies

Mark C. Amodio
Medieval English Oral Tradition
Robert Payson Creed
How the Beowulf Poet Composed His Poem
Lori Ann Garner
Medieval Voices
Heather Maring
Oral Traditional Approaches to Old English Verse
John D. Niles
Prizes from the Borderlands
Andy Orchard
Looking for an Echo: The Oral Tradition in Anglo-Saxon Literature

Sabir Badalkhan
Balochi Oral Tradition
Mark Bender
Oral Narrative Studies in China
Naran Bilik
Minority Oral Tradition in China
Chan Park
Korean pÕansori Narrative
Olga Merck Davidson
Classical Persian
Karl Reichl
Turkic Oral Epic
Maria V. Stanyukovich
A Living Shamanistic Oral Tradition: Ifugao hudhud, the Philippines

Robert Cochran
Performing Off Stage: Oral Tradition Under the Radar
Thomas A. DuBois
Oral Tradition
Edward R. Haymes
Oral Theory and Medieval German Poetry
Joshua T. Katz
Oral Tradition in Linguistics
Della Pollock
Oral Traditions in Performance
Burton Raffel
Poetics and Translation Studies
William Schneider
The Search for Wisdom in Native American Narratives and Classical Scholarship