Oral Tradition Volume 16

Edited by John M. Foley

Volume 16 (2001)
Numbers 1 and 2

Number 1

Orality and Basque Nationalism: Dancing with the Devil or Waltzing into the Future
Linda White
I Control the Idioms: Creativity in Ndebele Praise Poetry
H.C. Groenewald
Americanist Anthropolgoy and the Oral Homer
John F. Garcia, Milman Parry and A.L. Kroeber
Personal Favor and Public Influence: Arete, Arsinoe II, and the Argonautica
Anatole Mori
The Limits of Textuality: Mobility and Fire Production in Homer and Beowulf
Guillemette Collins
Homer and Rhapsodic Competition in Performance
Derek Collins
Performance and Norse Poetry: The Hydromel of Praise and The Effluvia of Scorn: The Albert Lord and Milman parry Lecture for 2001
Stephen A. Mitchell

Number 2
Special Issue: "Chinese Oral Traditions."
Guest Editor: Chao Gejin

A Preliminary Analysis of the Oral Shamanistic Songs of the Manchus
Song Heping
The Bard Jusup Mamay
Ling Yang
Nakhi Tiger Myth in its Context
Bai Gengsheng
A Brief Account of Bensen Ulger and Ulgeren Bense
Bab Spring: Tibetan Epic Singers
Zhambei Gyaltsho
On the Study of the Narrative Structure of Tibetain Epic: A Record of King Gesar
Yang Enhong
The Mythology of Tibetan Mountain Gods: An Overview
Xie Jisheng
The Rhinoceros Totem and Pangu Myth: An Formation and Development
Wu Xiaodong
The Oirat Epic Cycle Jangar
Chao Gejin
Dong Oral Poetry: Kuant Cix
Deng Minwen
Traditional Nuosu Origin Narratives: A Case Study of Ritualized Epos in Bimo Incantation Scriptures
Bamo Qubumo