Oral Tradition Volume 15

Edited by John M. Foley

Volume 15 (2000)
Numbers 1 and 2

Number 1

Chiji Akoma
The "Trick" of Narratives: History, Memory, and Performance in Toni Morrison's Paradise
Antonio Scuderi
Dario Fo and Oral Tradition: Creating a Thematic Context
Andrew Wiget
Cycle Construction and Character Development in Central Algonkian Trickster Tales
Matthew Simpson
"O man do not scribble on the book": Print and Counter-print in a Scottish Englightenment University
Barry B. Powell
Text, Orality, Literacy, Tradition, Dictation, Education, and Other Paradigms of Exlication in Greek Literacy Studies

Northern European Traditions

Thomas A. DuBois
The Narrator's Voice in Kalevala and Kalevipoeg
Ülo Valk
Ex Ovo Omnia: Where Does the Balto-Finnic Cosmogony Originate?
Joseph Harris
Beowulf as Epic
John Lindow
Thor's Visit to Útgarðaloki

Number 2

Mark C. Amodio
Tradition, Performance, and Poetics in the Early Middle English Period
Lauri Harvilahti
Altai Oral Epic
Stephan Meyer
Collaborative Auto/biography: Notes on an Interview with Margaret McCord on The Calling of Katie Makanya: A Memoir of South Africa
Anna-Leena Siikala
Body, Performance, and Agency in Kalevala Rune-Singing
Koenraad Kuiper
On the Linguistic Properties of Formulaic Speech
Sybil Thornton
Kōnodai senki: Traditional Narrative and Warrior Ideology in Sixteenth-Century Japan