Oral Tradition Volume 10

Edited by John M. Foley

Volume 10 (1995)
Numbers 1 and 2

Number 1 (232 pages)

Hermeneutic Forever: Voice, Text, Digitization, and the 'I'
Walter J. Ong
What's in a Frame? The Medieval Textualization of Traditional Storytelling
Bonnie D. Irwin
Affective Criticism, Oral Poetics, and Beowulf's Fight with the Dragon
Mark C. Amodio
Mandela Comes Home: The Poet's Perspective
Russel H. Kaschula
Perspectives on Orality in African Cinema
Keyan Tomaselli and Maureen Eke
Matigari: An African Novel as Oral Narrative Performance
F. Odun Balogun
Narrating Saga Feud: Thattr and the Fundamental Oral Progression
Jesse L. Byock
A Poet on the Achaean Wall
Timothy W. Boyd
The Three Circuits of the Suitors: A Ring Composition in Odyssey 17-22
Steve Reece

Number 2

Editor's Column
Immanence and Immanent Truth
John H. McDowell
Generic and Racial Appropriation in Victoria Howard's "The Honorable Milt"
Jarold Ramsey
Narrative Tradition in Early Greek Oral Poetry and Vase Painting
E.A. Mackay
Chaucer New Painted (1623): Three Hundred Proverbs in Performance Context
Betsy Bowden
Word, Breath, and Vomit: Oral Competition in Old English and Old Norse Literature
Robin Waugh
Oral Register in the Biblical Libretto: Towards a Biblical Poetic
Susan Niditch
Language, Memory, and Sense Perception in the Religious and Technological Culture of Antiquity and the Middle Ages
Werner H. Kelber
Review Essay: The Fornaldarsogur: Stephen Mitchell's Contribution
Jesse L. Byock
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