International Journal of Slavic Linguistics and Poetics Issue XXXV-XXXVI

Dean S. Worth
Edward Stankiewicz
C. H. Van Schooneveld
Walter N. Vickery

Issue XXXV-XXXVI (1987)

Paul Cubberley: Syllabic [r] in the Slavonic Languages: A Computer-Based Investigation; George M. Cummins, III: Preliminary Notes on the Constative Imperfective in Czech; Herbert Galton: The Theory of Verbal Aspect and Tense Illustrated for Czech by Karel Capek's "Bajky a popovidky;" Ronald F. Feldstein: Czyta vs. Czytaj and the Determination of Polish Conjugational Desinences; Witold Manczak: Stanowisko polabskiego wsrod jezykow zachodnioslowianskich; Steven L. Franks: Regular and Irregular Stress in Macedonian; Gerald L. Mayer: The Morphological Categorization of the Bulgarian Definite Article; Tim Pilbrow; Inflectional Morphology of the Verb in the Rusinian Language of Vojvodina; Eric P. Hamp: Krivici Again; B. sh. Norman: Slovo t'fu v russkom iazyke; Edward J. Vajda: Semantic Constraints on Formal Patterns in Russian Grammar; Norman W. Ingham: The Martyrdom of Saint John Vladimir of Dioclea; Gerald J. Janecek and Garrett H. Riggs: Il'ja Zdanevic's Zaum'; Emily Klenin: Functions of Rhyme in the Poetry of Afanasij Fet; Dean S. Worth: "Right Shifts" in the Russian Funeral Lament; [Review articles:] Alan Timberlake: Grammar as Metalinguistic Text; Robert Greenberg: From Common Slavic to Slovenian: On the Margins of Lencek's The Structure and History of the Slovene Language; Henrik Birnbaum: Some Terminological and Substantive Issues in Slavic Historical Linguistics (Reflections on the Periodization of the Slavic Ancestral Language and the Labeling of Its Chronological Divisions; Jan Paul Hinrichs: A Rejoinder to David Birnbaum; plus over 40 pages of reviews.