International Journal of Slavic Linguistics and Poetics Issue XXXI-XXXII

Dean S. Worth
Edward Stankiewicz
C. H. Van Schooneveld
Walter N. Vickery

Issue XXXI-XXXII (1985)

Slavic Linguistics, Poetics, Cultural History, in Honor of Henrik Birnbaum on his Sixtieth Birthday, 13 December 1985: edited by Michael S. Flier and Dean S. Worth; 554 p. Aleksandar Albijanic: Maria Theresa's Regulation for the Shajkas Battalion (1764): An Analysis of Salient Linguistic Features; Ronelle Alexander: Time-Bound and Timeless in Serbian History: Vasko Popa's Uspravna zemlja; M. Altbauer: Znakomito chiniti (Rendering of Biblical Causative Constructions in Slavic Bible Translations); Henning Andersen: Protoslavic and Common Slavic -- Questions of Periodization and Terminology; Jostein Bortnes: Hesychast Doctrine in Epiphanius' Life of Saint Stephen, Bishop of Perm'; Laszlo Dezso: Typological Problems of Case Systems in Slavic and Finno-Ugric Languages; Johanna Renate Doring-Smirnov: Damonologische Vorstellungen in zwei anonymen russischen erzahlungen des XVII. Jahrhunderts; I. Dujcev: Le monde byzantino-slave a la fin du moyen ageen face de l'Islam; L'ubomir Durovic: The Numerals in Serbo-Croatian; Thomas Eekman: Aspects of the Versification and Style of Jan Kasprowicz; Rudolf Filipovic: Accentuation of English Loanwords in Serbo-Croatian; Michael S. Flier: The Non-Christian Provenience of Slavic nedelja; Zbigniew Golab: The Origin and Etymology of Old Russian Krivici; Eric P. Hamp: Slavic t''g-d'a; Johannes Holthusen: Bemerkungen zur kuenstlerischen "Modellierung" im Werk Fedor Sologubs; Gerta Huettl-Folter: Preliminaries to the Analysis of Early Modern Russian; Norman W. Ingham: Sources on Saint Ludmila, II: The Translation of Her Relics; Milka Ivic: On the Origin of the Adjectival Suffix -cat in Serbo-Croatian; Pavle Ivic: Cemovsko polje and Cijevna; Helmut Keipert: Doppeluebersetzungen bei Dositej Obradovic; Emily Klenin: Emotion and Serenity in a Late Poem by Fet; Frederik Kortlandt: Slavi imam; Jules F. Levin: Sweet's Mysterious Russian Informant: An Investigation; Ia. S. Lur'e: Knigopisets Efrosin i bor'ba protiv "glumov" i smekha v drevnerusskoi pis'mennosti; Ladislav Matejka: Conflicting Patterns in the Syntax of Old Russian Law; Terje Mathiassen: A Discussion of the Notion `Sprachbund' and Its Application in the Case of the Languages in the Eastern Baltic Area (Slavic, Baltic, and West Finnish); Nils Ake Nilsson: "Frozen Time" as a Paradigm in Modern Slavic Poetry (Mandel'shtam, Kocbek, Milosz); Konrad Onasch: F. M. Dostoevskij: Biographie und religiose Identitat. Versuch einer Synopse; Riccardo Picchio: Isometric Semantic Markers in the Prose of Patriarch Euthymius of Trnovo; Andzhej Poppe: "Is kuriloce" i "is kurilovice"; Joel Raba: Archiepiscopal Authority and Novgorodian Culture in the Fifteenth Century; Alexander M. Schenker: Were there Slavs in Central Europe before the Great Migrations?; Michael Shapiro: Signs, Marks, and Diacritics; George Y. Shevelov: A Remark on Extra-systemic Vowel Length in Slavic. The Cases of Ukrainian and Macedonian; Anders Sjoberg: Three Judgment Books in the Novgorod Occupation Archives 1611-1617; Edward Stankiewicz: Forays into Slavic Etymology; Alan Timberlake: The Metathesis of Liquid Diphthongs in Upper Sorbian; N. I. Tolstoj: Russk. chur i chush'; Zuzanna Topolinska: On Some Peculiarities of the Relative Clause in South Macedonian Dialects; V. N. Toporov: Poniatie sviatosti v drevnei Rusi (Sv. Boris i Gleb); Juergen Udolph: Zum kirchenslavisch-ostslavischen Dualismus in der Toponymie; Andre Van Holk: The Key Scene in Ostrovskij's The Thunderstorm (On the Analysis of Modal Profiles); C. H. Van Schooneveld: Ancient Greek and Modern Russian epositions: A Speculative Comparison; D. Ward: Which Way Did the Akan'e Go? Wiktor Weintraub: Some Remarks on the Expressive Value of Nom. Pl. Endings of Virile Nouns in Modern Polish Poetry; Dean S. Worth: Animacy and Adjective Order: The Case of Nov''gorod'sk''. An Exploratory Microanalysis; V. K. {uravlev: ralizacih protivopostavleniia paradigmatiki/sintagmatiki.