International Journal of Slavic Linguistics and Poetics Issue XXXIV

Dean S. Worth
Edward Stankiewicz
C. H. Van Schooneveld
Walter N. Vickery

Issue XXXIV (1987)

David J. Birnbaum: The life of Stefan Lazarevic: A Contribution to the Study of the Manuscript Tradition; Aleksandar Albijanic: A Radical Attempt to Reform Serbian Cyrillic in 1762; Kenneth E. Naylor: On the Bulgarian Article; Lenore A. Grenoble: The Polish Imperative chodz; George Y. Shevelov: Ukrainian Diphthongs in Publications of the 1980s and in Reality (and some adjacent problems imaginary and real); Edna Andrews: A Reevaluation of the Relationship between Grammatical Gender and Declension in Modern Greek and Russian; Olga Peters Hasty: Multiplicity of Perspective as Metaphor for Poetic Creation in Pasternak's "Opredelenie poezii" and "Opredelenie tvorchestva"; Review Articles: David J. Birnbaum: On the Methods of Analyzing Accented Slavic Manuscripts; Emily Klenin: Disputed Authorship: Two Recent Studies from Scandinavia; Marina Tarlinskaja: Lermontov-Liberman: A Study of Equivalence in Translation; plus 19 pages of reviews.