International Journal of Slavic Linguistics and Poetics Issue XXV & XXVI

Dean S. Worth
Edward Stankiewicz
C. H. Van Schooneveld
Walter N. Vickery

Issue XXV & XXVI (1982)

Special double issue. Studies for Edward Stankiewicz on his 60th Birthday, 17 November 1980, edited by Kenneth E. Naylor, Howard I. Aronson, Bill J. Darden, and Alexander M. Schenker. A Bibliography of the Publications by Edward Stankiewicz; Hans Aarsleff: BrĂ¯al, "la semantique" and Saussure; Ronelle Alexander: Structure and Tradition in the Poetry of Vasko Popa; Howard I. Aronson: On "Naturalness" and Structure in the Contemporary Bulgarian Literary Language; James Bailey: Remarks about the Preservation of Archaic Stressing for Some Nouns in Russian Folk Songs; Henrik Birnbaum: On Linguistic Creativity; Maria Zagorska Brooks: Standardization and the Acquisition of the Standard Language in Poland; Bill J. Darden: Reflexes of I.E. Barytones among Balto-Slavic and Slavic Substantives; Antonin Dostal: Concerning New and Old Forms of Purism in the Czech Literary Language; L'ubomir Durovic: A Swedish Testimony of Vowel Fronting in 17-Century Russian; Thomas Eekman: On the Character of Contemporary Russian Rime; Victor Erlich: Two Concepts of the Dostoevsky Novel; Michael S. Flier: Morphophonemic Change as Evidence of Phonemic Change: The Status of the Sharped Velars in Russian; Victor A. Friedman: Reportedness in Bulgarian: Category or Stylistic Variant?; Zbigniew Golab: About the Connection between Kinship Terms and Some Ethnica in Slavic; Harvey Goldblatt: On Church Slavonic Grammatical Terms and their Greek Counterparts in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries; Eric P. Hamp: On Some Colour Terms in Baltic and Slavic; David Huntley: Old Church Slavonic teshti -- tochiti; Gerta Huettl-Folter: Motivations for the Use of Pleophonic Forms in Povest' vremennykh let; Milka Ivic: Slavic Fruit and Vegetable Names and Countability; Roman Iakobson: Zaumnyj Turgenev; D. Barton Johnson: The Role of Synesthesia in Jakobson's Theory of Language; Kostas Kazazis: Reanalysis in Modern Greek Women's Surnames; V. V. Kolesov: Iz zametok po drevnerusskoi poetike; Wladyslaw Lubas: Types of Linguistic Variants in Contemporary Polish; Hugh McLean: Walls and Wire: Notes on the Prison Theme in Russian Literature; Lew R. Micklesen: The Accentology of Slavic Verbs in -i-; John S. Miletich: Toward a Stylistic Description of Expressionist Lyric: The German Phenomenon and its Croatian Analogs; Kenneth E. Naylor: Phonology Affecting Morphology: The Case of Serbocroatian Indeclinables; Lawrence W. Newman: The Genitive-Accusative in Russian; Nils Ake Nilsson: Tuwim's Sokrates tanczacy; Felix J. Oinas: St. George as Forest Spirit; Martina Orozhen: The Lexico-Phraseological Development of the Slovenian Literary Language in the 18th Century; Joseph Paternost: Structural and Semantic Aspects of Slovenian Place Names; Asim Peco: Serbo-Croatian Verbs of the Type krenuti-krenem; Iordan Penchev: The Conjunctions da and za da `in order to' in Standard Bulgarian; Svetozar Petrovic: Enjambement in Serbo-Croatian: A Stable Background; Riccardo Picchio: On Church Slavonic Isonorms; Kazimierz Polanski: Some Remarks on the Development of Jers in Polabian; Krystyna Pomorska: Tolstoy -- Contra Semiosis; Lucylla Pszczolowska: Verse Forms -- Their Stylistic and Semantic Values; David F. Robinson: The Ledesma Nauk Karstianski of 1583 and Its Inclusion in Stulli's Rjecsosloxje of 1806; Robert A. Rothstein: Hucpa and the Klezmer, or What Yiddish Gave to Polish; Alexander Schenker: The Etymology of Czech nahraditi `to compensate, replace'; Franciszek Slawski: Common Slavic drug'' and Its Derivatives; Kiril Taranovsky: The Rhythmical Structure of the Notorious Russian Poem Luka; Olga Adler Titelbaum: The Role of Affixation in Russian Voice and Aspect; C. H. Van Schooneveld: The Extension Feature in Russian; August Robert Vavrus: On the Translation of a Passage in the Vita Methodii; Walter N. Vickery: Hamlet and Don Juan in Blok: "Shagi Komandora"; Bozhidar Vidoeski: A Phonological Description of the Dialect of the Village of Sekavec; Wiktor Weintraub: Polish Stanczyk; Robert H. Whitman: A Note on Prose; Dean S. Worth: Preposition Repetition in Old Russian.