International Journal of Slavic Linguistics and Poetics Issue XXL-XXXIX

Dean S. Worth
Edward Stankiewicz
C. H. Van Schooneveld
Walter N. Vickery

Issue XXL-XXXIX (1996)

EDWIN BATTISTELLA: The Development of the Extended Standard Theory.
STEVEN L FRANKS and CATHERINE RUDIN: Grammar as a Mental Organ: A Survey of the GB Perspective.
GERALD R. GREENBERG: Developments in Linguistic Theory: The Analysis of Gerunds and Infinitives in Russian.
CATHERINE RUDIN: Multiple Questions South, West and East: A Government-Binding Approach to the Typology of wh-movement in Slavic Languages.
STEVEN L. FRANKS: Empty Subjects and Voice-Altering Morphemes in Slavic.
LEONARD H. BABBY: Morpholexical Aspects of Russian Syntax: Verbal Paradigms and Voice.
GEORGE FOWLER: Word-Internal Case Assignment in Russian.
KATHERINE McCREIGHT: Abstract Case and Morphological Case.
GILBERT C. RAPPAPORT: Relativization and Noun Phrase Structure in Polish.
GREVILLE G. CORBETT: Agreement with Non-Prototypical Controllers.
ALAN TIMBERLAKE: Reflexives with object Antecedent.
HORACE G. LUNT: Proto-Slavic or Common Slavic versus Pan-Slavic Morpholexical Puzzles of Early Slavic Written Dialects: I. Slověnji, II. prosba, III. (a) vy- (b) vyniti vynide
EDNA ANDREWS: The Shift of 'Shame' in Slavic.
ANNA WIERZBICKA: Russian Personal Names: The Semantics of Expressive Derivation.
STEFANA DIMITROVA: Русские интонационные конструкции, чуждые болгарскому языковому соэнанию
KORNELIJA ILIEVA: Модель метаязыка для описания биноминативных предложений