International Journal of Slavic Linguistics and Poetics Issue XXIV

Dean S. Worth
Edward Stankiewicz
C. H. Van Schooneveld
Walter N. Vickery

Issue XXIV

Lee A. Becker: De Saussure's Laws: The Origin of Distinctive Intonations in Lithuanian; T. M. Nikolaeva: Fakty slavianskoi frazovoi intonatsii v svete areal'no-tipologicheskogo podkhoda; Edward Stankiewicz: The Counted Plurals of the East Slavic Languages; A. J. Hornjatkevyc: Ukrainian Conjugation; Michael S. Flier: The Morphology of the Russian Past Active Participle; Marguerite Guiraud-Weber: La phrase quantitative en russe moderne; Steven Young: Dialectal Data and Etymologies: Russian sochen' and shchi; Vladimir Milicic: A Contribution to Discussions on Serbo-Croatian Metrics; G. S. Smith: Stanza Rhythm in the Iambic Tetrameter of Three Modern Russian Poets; 39 pages of book reviews.