International Journal of Slavic Linguistics and Poetics Issue XXIII

Dean S. Worth
Edward Stankiewicz
C. H. Van Schooneveld
Walter N. Vickery

Issue XXIII (1981)

V. Toporov: Pamiati K. P. Bogatyreva; Boris Oguibenine: Un mod├Čle conceptuel pour l'├»tymologie du slave commun vorgu `ennemi'; Alan Timberlake: Dual Reflexes of *dj in Slavic and a Morphological Constraint on Sound Change; Gerald Stone: Pronominal Address in Polish; Mark J. Elson: Macedonian Verbal Morphophonemics; Roman Jakobson: Notes on the Declension of Pronouns in Contemporary Russian; Charles J. Halperin: Some Observations on Interpolations in the Skazanie o Mamaevom poboishche; James Bailey: The Russian Three-Stress Dol'nik with Zero Anacrusis; Lawrence E. Feinberg and Emily R. Klenin: Development and Stasis in Blok's "O doblestiakh, o podvigakh, o slave"; Ian K. Lilly: On the Rich Rhymes of M. N. Murav'ev; Walter N. Vickery: Derzhavin's "Na smert' Kateriny Jakovlevny": A Metrical-Stylistic Study; book reviews.