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A leading journal of Russian and Eurasian history, Kritika is dedicated to internationalizing the field and making it relevant to a broad interdisciplinary audience. The journal regularly publishes forums, discussions, and special issues; it regularly translates important works by Russian and European scholars into English; and it publishes in every issue in-depth, lengthy review articles, review essays, and reviews of Russian, Eurasian, and European works that are rarely, if ever, reviewed in North American Russian studies journals.


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Michael David-Fox
Peter Holquist
Marshall Poe


From the Editors
On the Narrowness of "Periods," or 1699 is not 1700 [p. 193]


Daniel H. Kaiser
"He Said, She Said": Rape and Gender Discourse in Early Modern Russia [p. 197]

Yohanan Petrovsky-Shtern
The "Jewish Policy" of the Late Imperial War Ministry: The Impact of the Russian Right [p. 217]

Jan Plamper
Foucault's Gulag [p. 255]

Review Forum: Rewriting the 20th Century

Omer Bartov
Extreme Opinions [p. 281]

Ronald Grigor Suny
Obituary or Autopsy? Historians Look at Russia/USSR in the Short 20th Century [p. 303]

Review Essays

John-Paul Himka
The Ukrainian Idea in the Second Half of the 19th Century [p. 321]


Russell E. Martin
Ludwig Steindorff, ed. and trans., Das Speisungsbuch von Volokolamsk: Eine Quelle zur Sozialgeschischte russischer Klöster im 16. Jahrhundert [p. 337]

Tat'iana Viktorovna Alent'eva
Nikolai Nikolaevich Bolkhovitinov, ed., Istoriia Russkoi Ameriki (1732-1867). Vol. 1: Osnovanie Russkoi Ameriki (1732-1799); Vol. 2: Deiatel'nost' Rossiisko-amerikanskoi kompanii (1792-1825); Vol. 3: Russkaia Amerika: Ot zenita k zakatu (1825-1867) [p. 341]

Lennart Samuelson
Sergei Alekseevich Gorlov, Sovershenno sekretno: Moskva&endash;Berlin 1920&endash;1933. Voenno-politicheskie otnosheniia mezhdu SSSR i Germaniei; Sergei Alekseevich Gorlov, Sovershenno sekretno: Al'ians Moskva&endash;Berlin 1920&endash;1933 gg. (Voenno-politicheskie otnosheniia SSSR&endash;Germaniia) [p. 348]

Stephen V. Bittner
E. S. Afanes'eva, Vitalii Iur'evich Afiani, L. A. Velichanskaia, Zoia Konstantinovna Vodop'ianova, and E. V. Kochubei, eds., Ideologicheskie komissii TsK KPSS, 1958-1964: Dokumenty [p. 356]

Dan Healey
Ol'ga Zhuk, Russkie Amazonki: Istoriia lesbiiskoi subkul'tury v Rossii XX vek [p. 362]

Roman K. Kovalev
Thomas S. Noonan (1938)

Experts and Peasants: An Exchange (Esther Kingston-Mann, Alessandro Stanzianzi, Yanni Kotsonis, Lars T. Lih) [p. 372]


Michael David-Fox
Peter Holquist
Marshall Poe


From the Editors
11 September 2001: The Return of History [p. 1]


Sara Dickinson
Russia's First "Orient": Characterizing the Crimea in 1787 [p. 3]

Austin Jersild and Neli Melkadze
The Dilemmas of Enlightenment in the Eastern Borderlands: The Theater and Library in Tbilisi [p. 27]

Serhy Yekelchyk
Stalinist Patriotism as Imperial Discourse: Reconciling the Ukrainian and Russian "Heroic Pasts," 1939-45 [p. 51]


Daniel Brower
Whose Cultures? [p. 81]

Review Article

Aleksandr I. Filiushkin
Post-Modernism and the Study of the Russian Middle Ages [p. 89]

Review Essay

Rafaella Faggionato
New and Old Works on Russian Freemasonry [p. 111]


Anna Gessen and Marshall Poe
Pavel Vladimirovich Lukin, Narodnye predstavleniia o gosudarstvennoi vlasti v Rossii XVII veka [p. 129]

Andrew Gentes
Pavel Levonovich Kazarian, Iakutiia v sisteme politicheskoi ssylki Rossii 1826-1917 gg.; Leonid Mikhailovich Goriushkin, ed., Politicheskaia ssylka v Sibiri: Nerchinskaia katorga [p. 140]

Erik Landis
Arno J. Mayer, The Furies: Violence and Terror in the French and Russian Revolutions [p. 152]

Frederick C. Corney
Sergei Viktorovich Iarov, Gorozhanin kak politik: Revoliutsiia, voennyi kommunizm i NEP glazami Petrogradtsev ; idem, Proletarii kak politik: Politicheskaia psikhologiia rabochikh Petrograda v 1917-1923 gg. idem, Krest'ianin kak politik: Krest'ianstvo Severo-Zapada Rossii v 1918-1919 gg. Politicheskoe myshlenie i massovyi protest [p. 164]

Michael David-Fox
Irina Nikolaevna Il'ina, Obshchestvennye organizatsii Rossii v 1920-e gody [p. 173]

Adrienne Lynn Edgar
Olivier Roy, The New Central Asia: The Creation of Nations ; Paul Georg Geiss, Nationenwerdung in Mittelasien [p. 182]


Michael David-Fox
Peter Holquist
Marshall Poe


From the Editors
Really-Existing Revisionism? [p. 707]


Nicholas B. Breyfogle
Caught in the Crossfire? Russian Sectarians in the Caucasian Theater of War, 1853-56 and 1877-78 [p. 713]

Oleg Budnitskii
Jews, Pogroms, and the White Movement: A Historiographical Critique [p. 751]


Mikhail Dolbilov
The Political Mythology of Autocracy: Scenarios of Power and the Role of the Autocrat [p. 773]

Richard S. Wortman
Reply to Mikhail Dolbilov [p. 797]

Review Article

Lars T. Lih
Experts and Peasants [p. 803]

Review Essays

Jeffrey Veidlinger
From Shtetl to Society: Jews in 19th-Century Russia [p. 823]

Anne E. Gorsuch
Women's Autobiographical Narratives: Soviet Presentations of Self [p. 835]


James R. Weiss
Volodymyr D. Lytvynov, Renesansnyi humanizm v Ukraini: Idei humanizmu epokhy Vidrodzhennia v ukrain'skii filosofii XV-pochatku XVII stolittia [p. 849]

Olga E. Glagoleva
Aleksandr Iur'evich Samarin, Chitatel' v Rossii vo vtoroi polovine XVIII veka (po spiskam podpischikov) [p. 853]

Kenneth M. Pinnow
Grigorii Chkhartishvili, Pisatel' i samoubiistvo; Irina Paperno, Samoubiistvo kak kul'turnyi institut Irina Paperno, Suicide as a Cultural Institution in Dostoevsky's Russia [p. 862]

Elizabeth Jones Hemenway
Nikolai Nikolaevich Smirnov, Boris Ivanovich Kolonitskii, and Vladimir Iur'evich Cherniaev, eds., Istorik i revoliutsiia: Sbornik statei k 70-letiiu so dnia rozhdeniia Olega Nikolaevicha Znamenskogo [p. 870]

Alfred J. Rieber
Michel Dreyfus, Bruno Groppo, Claudio Sergio Ingerflom, Roland Lew, Claude Pennetier, Bernard Pudal, and Serge Wolikow, eds., Le siècle des communismes [p. 878]


Michael David-Fox
Peter Holquist
Marshall Poe

Special Issue
Negotiating Cultural Upheavals: Cultural Politics and Memory in 20th-Century Russia

From the Editors
Russophobia and the American Politics of Russian History [p. 465]


Sheila Fitzpatrick
Making a Self for the Times: Impersonation and Imposture in 20th-Century Russia [p. 469]

Leonid Livak
Making Sense of Exile: Russian Literary Life in Paris as a Cultural Construct, 1920-40 [p. 489]

Ruth Rischin
In the Shades of Spain: Gor'kii's Last Legacy to Hebrew Literature [p. 513]

Katerina Clark
Germanophone Intellectuals in Stalin's Russia: Diaspora and Cultural Identity in the 1930s [p. 529]

Stephen V. Bittner

Remembering the Avant-Garde: Moscow Architects and the "Rehabilitation" of Constructivism, 1961-64 [p. 553]

Denis Kozlov
The Historical Turn in Late Soviet Culture: Retrospectivism, Factography, Doubt, 1953-91 [p. 577]


Michael David-Fox
Cultural Memory in the Century of Upheaval: Big Pictures and Snapshots [p. 601]

Review Essays

Josh Sanborn
What's New in Russian Military History and Why You Should Care [p. 615]

Richard G. Robbins, Jr.
Vladimir Dzhunkovskii: Witness for the Defense [p. 635]


Jarmo Kotilaine
Vladimir Alekseevich Varentsov, Gennadii Mikhailovich Kovalenko and Valentin Lavrent'evich Ianin, eds., Tamozhennye knigi Velikogo Novgoroda 1610-11 i 1613-14 godov Andrei Viktorovich Iurasov, ed., Tamozhennye knigi goroda Velikie Luki 1669-1676 gg. Dmitrii Iakovlevich Rezun, Z. V. Bashkatova, and I. R. Sokolovskii, eds., Tamozhennye knigi sibirskikh gorodov XVII veka , vol. 1: Surgut i Tara ; vol. 2: Turinsk, Kuznets, Tomsk [p.655]

Cecilia Ghetti
Sergio Bertolissi, Un paese sull'orlo delle riforme: La Russia zarista dal 1861 al 1904 ; Viktoriia Maksimovna Khevrolina, Vlast' i obshchestvo: Bor'ba v Rossii po voprosam vneshnei politiki, 1878-1894 gg. [p. 664]

Daniel Orlovsky
Vladimir Prokhorovich Buldakov, Krasnaia smuta: Priroda i posledstviia revoliutsionnogo nasiliia [p. 675]

David R. Stone
Oleg Fedotovich Suvenirov, Tragediia RKKA, 1937-1938 [P. 680]

Brian Kassof
Arlen Viktorovich Blium, Sovetskaia tsenzura v epokhu total'nogo terrora, 1929-1953 [p. 689]


Michael David-Fox
Peter Holquist
Marshall Poe

Special Issue
The State of the Field: Russian History Ten Years After the Fall

From the Editors
A Remarkable Decade [p. 229]

Ten Years After

Nancy Shields Kollmann
Convergence, Expansion, and Experimentation:
Current Trends in Muscovite History-Writing [p. 233]

Gary Marker
The Ambiguities of the 18th Century [p. 241]

Thomas C. Owen
Recent Developments in Economic History, 1700-1940 [p. 253]

Alfred J. Rieber
From Reform to Empire: Russia's "New" Political History [p. 261]

Gregory L. Freeze
Recent Scholarship on Russian Orthodoxy: A Critique [p. 269]

Alain Blum
Social History as the History of Measuring Populations:
A Post-1987 Renewal [p. 279]

V.P. Buldakov
Scholarly Passions around the Myth of "Great October":
Results of the Past Decade [p. 295]

Gábor T. Rittersporn
New Horizons: Conceptualizing the Soviet 1930s [p. 307]

Oleg Khlevniuk
Stalinism and the Stalin Period after the "Archival Revolution" [p. 319]

Loren R. Graham
The Birth, Withering, and Rebirth of Russian History of Science [p. 329]

Bruce W. Menning
A Decade Half-Full: Post-Cold War Studies in Russian and
Soviet Military History [p. 341]

Review Articles

Laura Engelstein
Culture, Culture Everywhere: Interpretations of Modern
Russia, across the 1991 Divide [p. 363]

David Rowley
Interpretations of the End of the Soviet Union: Three Paradigms [p. 395]


Nikolaos A. Chrissidis
Ekkehard Kraft, Moskaus griechisches Jahrhundert: Russisch-griechische
Beziehungen und metabyzantinischer Einfluss 1619-1694 [p. 427]

Marc Raeff
Raffaella Faggionato, "Un'utopia rosacrociana. Massoneria,
rosacrocianesimo e illuminismo nella Russia settecentesca: Il circulo
di N. I. Novikov"; Raffaella Faggionato, "Michail Speranskij e
Aleksandr Golicyn: Il riformismo rosacrociano nella Russia di
Alessandro I" [p. 434]

Eugene Clay
Aleksandr Etkind, Khlyst. Sekty, literatura i revoliutsiia [p. 445]

Katerina Clark
Viacheslav T. Sereda and A. S. Stykalin, eds. Besedy na Lubianke:
Sledstvennoe delo Dërdia Lukacha. Materialy k biografii [P. 451]

Ethan Pollock
Vladimir Dmitrievich Esakov, Akademiia nauk v resheniiakh
Politbiuro TsK RKP(b)-VKP(b), 1922-1952 [p. 456]