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A leading journal of Russian and Eurasian history, Kritika is dedicated to internationalizing the field and making it relevant to a broad interdisciplinary audience. The journal regularly publishes forums, discussions, and special issues; it regularly translates important works by Russian and European scholars into English; and it publishes in every issue in-depth, lengthy review articles, review essays, and reviews of Russian, Eurasian, and European works that are rarely, if ever, reviewed in North American Russian studies journals.


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Michael David-Fox
Peter Holquist
Alexander M. Martin


From the Editors
Post-Post Historiography, or the Trends of the "Naughts" [p. 645]

Ex Tempore
Stalinism and the "Great Retreat"

Was There a ÒGreat RetreatÓ from Soviet Socialism? Stalinist Culture Reconsidered (p. 651)

Socialism as Will and Representation, or What Legacy Are We Rejecting? (p. 675)

Declassifying a ÒClassicÓ (p. 709)

In Defense of Timasheff Õs Great Retreat (p. 721)

Ideological Ballast and New Directions in Soviet History (p. 731)

Review Essays

Identity in Late Imperial Russia Nation, Culture, Politics (p. 735)

Sergei Witte and His Times A Historiographical Note (p. 749)

Letters across the Ocean (p. 759)


Iurii Petrovich Zaretskii, Avtobiograficheskie ÒIaÓ ot Avgustina do Avvakuma: Ocherki istorii samosoznaniia evropeiskogo individa [The Autobiographical ÒIÓ from Augustine to Avvakum: Essays in the History of Individual Self-Consciousness in Europe] (p. 775)

Nataliia Vadimovna Kozlova, ed., Gorodskaia sem«ia XVIII veka: Semeino-pravovye akty kuptsov i raznochintsev Moskvy [The 18th-Century Urban Family: Legal Documents of Moscow Merchant and Professional Families] (p. 779)

El«mira Petrovna Fedosova, Rossiia i Pribaltika: Kul«turnyi dialog. Vtoraia polovina XIXÐnachalo XX veka [Russia and the Baltic Region: A Cultural Dialogue, Second Half of the 19th and Early 20th Centuries] (p. 791)

Evgenii Iur«evich Sergeev, ÒInaia zemlia, inoe neboÉÓ : Zapad i voennaia elita Rossii, 1900Ð1914 gg. [ÒAnother Land, Another SkyÓ: The West and RussiaÕs Military Elite, 1900Ð1914] (p. 797)

Martine Mespoulet, Statistique et rŽvolution en Russie: Un compromis impossible (1880Ð1930) [Statistics and Revolution in Russia: An Impossible Compromise (1880Ð1930)]; Alain Blum and Martine Mespoulet, LÕanarchie bureaucratique: Statistique et pouvoir sous Staline [Bureaucratic Anarchy: Statistics and Power under Stalin] (p. 803)

Manfred Khainemann [Heinemann] and Eduard Kolchinskii, eds., Za Òzheleznym zanavesomÓ: Mify i realii sovetskoi nauki [Behind the ÒIron CurtainÓ: Myths and Realities of Soviet Science]; Alexei Kojevnikov, guest editor, in collaboration with Snait Gissis, ÒScience in Russian Contexts,Ó special issue of Science in Context ; Nikolai Nikolaevich Smirnov, ed., Vlast« i nauka, uchenye i vlast«: 1880-eÐ nachalo 1920-kh godov. Materialy mezhdunarodnogo nauchnogo kollokviuma [Power and Science, Scientists and Power: 1880sÐEarly 1920s. Materials of an International Scholarly Colloquium] (p. 811)

In Memoriam

Reginald E. Zelnik (1936Ð2004) (p. 819)


Michael David-Fox
Peter Holquist
Alexander M. Martin


From the Editors
An Interview with Dan Davidson [p. 447]


Daniel Beer
The Medicalization of Religious Deviance in the Russian Orthodox Church (1880Ð1905) [p. 451]

Virginia Martin
Kazakh Oath Taking in Colonial Courtrooms: A Legal-Cultural Perspective on Russian Empire Building [p. 483]

Review Essays

Willard Sunderland
The Emperor's Men at the Empire's Edges [p. 515]

Susan Smith-Peter
How to Write a Region: Local and Regional Historiography [p. 527]

Ehren Park and David Brandenburger
Imagined Community? Rethinking the Nationalist Origins of the Contemporary Chechen Crisis [p.543]

Norman Naimark
Post-Soviet Russian Historiography on the Emergence of the Soviet Bloc [p. 561]


Jennifer Spock
David M. Goldfrank, ed. and trans., The Monastic Rule of Iosif Volotsky; Amvrosii (Ornatskii), episkop, Drevnerusskie inocheskie ustavy: Ustavy rossiiskikh monastyrenachalÕnikov [Old Russian Monastic Rules: Rules of RussiaÕs Monastic Founders] [p.581]

Charles Steinwedel
Aviel Roshwald, Ethnic Nationalism and the Fall of Empires: Central Europe, Russia, and the Middle East, 1914Ð1923; Sviatoslav Kaspe, Imperiia i modernizatsiia: Obshchaia model' i rossiiskaia spetsifika [Empire and Modernization: The General Model and Russian Specificity] [p.587]

Gabor T. Rittersporn
Alla Iur'evna Gorcheva, Pressa Gulaga (1918-1955) [The Gulag Press, 1918-1955]; State Archive of the Russian Federation, Federal Archival Service of Russia, Moscow, International Institute for Social History, Amsterdam, The GULAG Press, 1920-1937 [p.599]

Michael David-Fox
Sergei Zhuravlev, ÒMalenkie liudiÓ i Òbol«shaia istoriiaÓ: Inostrantsy moskovskogo Elektrozavoda v sovetskom obshchestve 1920-khÐ1930-kh gg. [ÒLittle PeopleÓ and ÒBig EventsÓ: Foreigners of MoscowÕs Electrical Factory in Soviet Society, 1920sÐ30s] [p. 611]

Matthew Evangelista
Gennadii Gorelik, Andrei Sakharov: Nauka i svoboda [Andrei Sakharov: Science and Freedom]; Richard Lourie, Sakharov: A Biography [p.623]


Michael David-Fox
Peter Holquist
Alexander M. Martin


From the Editors
A Topical Index [p. 277]

Forum: Reinterpreting Russification in Late Imperial Russia

Mikhail Dolbilov
Russification and the Bureaucratic Mind in the Russian EmpireÕs Northwestern Region in the 1860s [p. 245]

Darius Staliunas
Did the Government Seek to Russify Lithuanians and Poles in the Northwest Territory after the Uprising of 1863Ð64? [p. 273]


Andreas Kappeler
The Ambiguities of Russification [p. 291]

Review Forum: The Secret Police and State SocialismÑFrom Cheka to Stasi

Stuart Finkel
An Intensification of Vigilance
Recent Perspectives on the Institutional History of the Soviet Security Apparatus in the 1920s [p. 299]

Catherine Epstein
The Stasi
New Research on the East German Ministry of State Security [p. 321]

Review Essays

Mariia Degtiareva
Joseph de Maistre between Russia and the West [p. 349]

Harsha Ram
Modernism on the Periphery
Literary Life in Postrevolutionary Tbilisi [p. 367]


Donald Ostrowski
Anton Anatol«evich Gorskii, Moskva i Orda [Moscow and the Horde] [p. 383]

Frank E. Sysyn
Andrew Wilson, The Ukrainians: Unexpected Nation [p. 387]

David M. Goldfrank
Kirill Evgen«evich Cherevko, Zarozhdenie russko-iaponskikh otnoshenii XVIIÐXIX veka [The Beginnings of Russo-Japanese Relations in the 17thÐ19th Centuries]; David Schimmelpenninck van der Oye, Toward the Rising Sun: Russian Ideologies of Empire and the Path to War with Japan [p. 401]

Marina Mogil'ner
Lynn Mally, Revolutionary Acts: Amateur Theater and the Soviet State, 1917Ð1938; Julie A. Cassiday, The Enemy on Trial: Early Soviet Courts on Stage and Screen [p. 415]

Ludmila Stern
Sabine Dullin, Des hommes dÕinfluences: Les ambassadeurs de Staline en Europe, 1930Ð1939 [Men of Influence: StalinÕs Ambassadors to Europe, 1930Ð39] [p. 429]

Kathleen E. Smith
William Taubman, Khrushchev: The Man and His Era; L. B. Brusilovskaia, Kul«tura povsednevnosti v epokhu ÒottepeliÓ: Metamorfozy stilia [The Culture of Everyday Life during the ÒThawÓ: Stylistic Metamorphoses]; O.V. Edel«man, ed., 5810: Nadzornye proizvodstva Prokuratury SSSR po delam ob antisovetskoi agitatsii i propagande. Annotirovannyi katalog, mart 1953Ð1991 [5810: Prosecutorial Oversight of Anti-Soviet Agitation and Propaganda. An Annotated Catalogue, March 1953Ð1991] [p. 437]

Contributors to this Issue [p. 483]

Michael David-Fox
Peter Holquist
Alexander M. Martin


From the Editors
New Wine in New Bottles? [p. 1]


Aleksei Miller
Between Local and Inter-Imperial Russian Imperial History in Search of Scope and Paradigm [p. 7]

Sheila Fitzpatrick
Politics as Practice; Thoughts on a New Soviet Political History [p. 27]

The State of the Field

Leopold Haimson
Lenin's Revolutionary Career Revisited; Some Obeservations on Recent Discussions [p. 55]

Michael David-Fox
On the Primacy of Ideology Soviet Revisionists and Holocaust Deniers (In Response to Martin Malia) [p. 81]

Review Forum: Documentary History and Political Parties

Terence Emmons
Liberation or Liberalism? [p. 107]

Seymour Becker
A Conservative Lobby: The United Nobility in 1905-10 [p. 113]

Alexandra Korros
The Kadet Party and the Elusive Ideal of Internal Democracy [p. 117]

Shmuel Galai
The True Nature of Octobrism [p. 137]

Oleg Budnitskii
Russian Liberalism in War and Revolution [p. 149]

Semion Lyandres
Documents and Politics in 1917 [p. 169]

Igor' Narskii
The Right-Wing Parties; Historiographical Limitations and Perspectives [p. 179]

Sally A. Boniece
"Don Quixotes of the Revolution"? The Left SRs as a Mass Political Movement [p. 185]

Michael Melancon
The Neopolulist Experience; Default Interpretations and New Approaches [p. 195]

Frederick C. Corney
Party History &emdash;What It Is and Is Not [p. 207]

Claudia Weiss
Russian Political Parties in Exile [p. 219]

Contributors To This Issue 237]

Information for Contributors [Inside back cover]

Michael David-Fox
Peter Holquist
Alexander M. Martin


From the Editors
What's in a Name?[p. 779]


Michael D. Gordin
Measure of All the Russias: Metrology and Governance in the Russian Empire [p. 783]

Elizabeth A. Papazian
Reconstructing the (Authentic Proletarian) Reader: Mikhail Zoshchenko's Changing Model of Authorship, 1929-34 [p. 816]
Jonathan Dekel-Chen
Farmers, Philanthropists, and Soviet Authority: Rural Crimea and Southern Ukraine, 1923-41 [p. 849]

Review Forum: The Kremlin and the Holocaust

Harvey Asher
The Soviet Union, the Holocaust, and Auschwitz [p. 886]

Jeffrey Herf
The Nazi Extermination Camps and the Ally to the East: Could the Red Army and Air Force Have Stopped or Slowed the Final Solution? [p. 913]

Review Essays

Paul Bushkovitch
The Monarch and the State in 18th-Century Russia [p. 931]

Jeff Sahadeo
Conquest, Colonialism, and Nomadism on the Eurasion Steppe [p. 942 ]

Jonathan Daly
Security Services in Imperial and Soviet Russia [p. 955]


Valerie Kivelson
Isolde Thyrêt, Between God and Tsar: Religious Symbolism and the Royal Women of Muscovite Russia; André Berelowitch, La Hiérarchie des égaux. La noblesse russe d'Ancien Régime (XVIe–XVIIe siècles) [Hierarchy of Equals: The Russian Nobility under the Old Regime (16th-18th Centuries)] [p. 974]

Lee A. Farrow
E.N. Marasinova, Psikhologiia elity rossiiskogo dvorianstva poslednei treti XVIII veka (Po materialam perepiski) [The Psychology of the Russian Gentry Elite in the Last Third of the 18th Century (Based on Correspondence)] [p. 982]

Susan Smith-Peter
Sergei Aleksandrovich Kozlov, Agrarnye traditsii i novatsii v doreformennoi Rossii (tsentral'no-nechernozemnye gubernii) [Agrarian Tradition and Innovation in Pre-Reform Russia (the Central Black Earth Provinces)] [p. 985 ]

Lukasz Chimiak
Myroslav Shkandrij, Russia and Ukraine: Literature and the Discourse of Empire from Napoleon to Postcolonial Times; Aleksandr V. Lipatov and I. O. Shaitanov, eds., Poliaki i russkie: Vzaimoponimanie i vzaimoneponimanie [Poles and Russians: Mutual Understanding and Misunderstanding]; Johannes Remy, Higher Education and National Identity: Polish Student Activism in Russia, 1832-1863 [p. 991]

Nigel Raab
Rainer Lindner, Historiker und Herrschaft: Nationsbildung und Geschichts-politik in Weissrussland im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert [The Historian and Power: Nation-Building and Historical Politics in Belarus in the 19th and 20th Centuries]; Dietrich Beyrau and Rainer Lindner, eds. Handbuch der Geschichte Weissrusslands [Handbook of Belarusian History] [p. 998]

Contributors to this Issue [p. 1011] 237]

Editors' Addresses and Fax Numbers [following p. 1012]

Information for Contributors [Inside back cover]