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A leading journal of Russian and Eurasian history, Kritika is dedicated to internationalizing the field and making it relevant to a broad interdisciplinary audience. The journal regularly publishes forums, discussions, and special issues; it regularly translates important works by Russian and European scholars into English; and it publishes in every issue in-depth, lengthy review articles, review essays, and reviews of Russian, Eurasian, and European works that are rarely, if ever, reviewed in North American Russian studies journals.


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Andrew Jenks
Susan Morrissey
Williard Sunderland

From the Editors
Back in the USSR?     463


Tatiana Borisova and Jane Burbank
Russia’s Legal Trajectories     469

Steven Maddox
Gulag Football
Competitive and Recreational Sport in Stalin’s System of Forced Labor     509

Alain Blum and Emilia Koustova
Negotiating Lives, Redefining Repressive Policies
Managing the Legacies of Stalinist Deportations     537

Alissa Klots and Maria Romashova
Lenin’s Cohort
The First Mass Generation of Soviet Pensioners and Public Activism in the Khrushchev Era     573

Review Article

Antony Kalashnikov
Stalinist Crimes and the Ethics of Memory     599

Review Essay

Victoria Frede
Revolutionaries in Deed 627


Mari Isoaho
Shakhmatov’s Legacy and the Chronicles of Kievan Rus ́     637

Hilde Hoogenboom
Catherine the Great and Royal Biographies     649

Yanni Kotsonis
Russia and the Greek Revolution     661

Zhou Jiaying and Zhang Guangxiang
Chinese Scholars on Revolutionary Russia     671


Benjamin Nathans
To the Editors

With a response from Jonathan Daly     682

James H. Meyer
To the Editors

With a response from Norihiro Naganawa     684

Contributors to is Issue     686

Andrew Jenks
Susan Morrissey
Williard Sunderland

From the Editors
The Black Sea World and the Question of Boundaries      237

Forum: Food, Wine, and Leisure in the Black Sea Region

Diane P. Koenker
The Taste of Others
Soviet Adventures in Cosmopolitan Cuisines      243

Carol B. Stevens
Wine and Prosperity on the Russian Steppe      273

Stephen V. Bittner

A Problem of Taste
An American Connoisseur’s Travels through the Soviet Union’s Black Sea Vineyards and Wineries      305

Johanna Conterio
“Our Black Sea Coast”
The Sovietization of the Black Sea Littoral under Khrushchev and the Problem of Overdevelopment      327


Igor Fedyukin
The “German” Reign of Empress Anna
Russia’s Disciplinary Moment? 363

Malte Rolf
Between State Building and Local Cooperation
Russian Rule in the Kingdom of Poland, 1864–1915     385

History and Historians
An Interview with Robert Edelman    417

Review Essay
Alexandra Oberländer
Beam Me Up/Out/Somewhere, Tovarishch
Negotiating the Everyday in Late Socialism     433

Damien Tricoire
Diplomacy, Ceremonial, and Culture in Early Modern Russia     445

Mustafa Tuna
Loyalty and Negotiation in the Russian Empire     454

Contributors to This Issue    460

Andrew Jenks
Susan Morrissey
Williard Sunderland

Special Issue
Through Picture and Story
Artistic Approaches to History

Visions of Russian Culture and Politics
Images as Historical Sources     1

Forum: Depicting and Crafting the Ideology of Muscovite Tsardom

Brian J. Boeck
Problems and Possibilities of a “New” Muscovite Source      9

Sergei Bogatyrev
Three Takes on One Legend
Polyphony in Muscovite Court Culture     17

Nancy S. Kollmann
The Litsevoi Svod as Graphic Novel
Narrativity in Iconographic Style     53

Isolde Thyrêt
Visualizing the Literary Image of Muscovite Royal Wives
Grand Princess Evdokiia in the Skazanie vmale in the Chronicles of Ivan IV’s Reign     83


Joan Neuberger
Not a Film but a Nightmare:
Revisiting Stalin’s Response to Eisenstein’s Ivan the Terrible, Part II     115

Alexis Peri
The Art of Revision
How Vera Inber Scripted the Siege and Her Self during World War II     143

Review Article

Oleg Budnitskii
A Harvard Project in Reverse
Materials of the Commission of the USSR Academy of Scienceson the History of the Great Patriotic War—Publications and Interpretations     175

Review Essay

Ryan Tucker Jones
Approaching Russian History from European Seas     203


Austin Jersild
Sino-Soviet Relations, Decolonization, and the Global Cold War     217

Bathsheba Demuth
Soviet Environment, Capitalist World     225


Nana Tuntiya
To the Editors     231

Response by Alexandra Oberländer

Contributors to is Issue     234

Andrew Jenks
Susan Morrissey
Williard Sunderland


From the Editors

Historical Schools, Scholarly Lineages, and Methodological Pluralism     655



Anna Joukovskaia

A Living Law

Divorce Contracts in Early Modern Russia      661

Jan Arend

Russian Science in Translation

How Pochvovedenie Was Brought to the West, c. 1875–1945     683

Ksenia Tatarchenko

“The Computer Does Not Believe in Tears”

Soviet Programming, Professionalization, and the Gendering of Authority      709


Echoes of Great October

Michael David-Fox

Toward a Life Cycle Analysis of the Russian Revolution     741


History and Historians

Jonathan Daly The Pleiade

Five Scholars Who Founded Russian Historical Studies in the United States     785


Review Essay

Moritz Florin Beyond Colonialism?

Agency, Power, and the Making of Soviet Central Asia      827



Frank Golczewski
Four Traumatizations at Created Ukrainian Identity   839

Julia Richers
Remembering the Soviet Space Program    843

In Memoriam

Elena Marasinova
“All in Good Conscience”

In Memory of Michelle Lamarche Marrese (1964–2016) 848 Contributors to This Issue     856

Andrew Jenks
Susan Morrissey
Williard Sunderland


From the Editors

An Interview with Jan Plamper

On the History of Emotions      453



Evgenii Trefilov

Proof of Sincere Love for the Tsar

Popular Monarchism in the Age of Peter the Great     461


Brandon Schechter

Khoziaistvo and Khoziaeva

The Properties and Proprietors of the Red Army, 1941–45     487


Jo Laycock


People and Possessions in the Armenian Repatriations, 1945–49     511

Constantin Katsakioris

Burden or Allies?

Third World Students and Internationalist Duty through Soviet Eyes     539


Alexandra Oberländer

Cushy Work, Backbreaking Leisure

Late Soviet Work Ethics Reconsidered     569


Review Essay

Manfred Zeller

Before and after the End of the World

Rethinking the Soviet Collapse     591



Elena I. Campbell

Global Hajj and the Russian State     603