Kritika Volume 5 No3

Michael David-Fox
Peter Holquist
Alexander M. Martin


From the Editors
An Interview with Dan Davidson [p. 447]


Daniel Beer
The Medicalization of Religious Deviance in the Russian Orthodox Church (1880Ð1905) [p. 451]

Virginia Martin
Kazakh Oath Taking in Colonial Courtrooms: A Legal-Cultural Perspective on Russian Empire Building [p. 483]

Review Essays

Willard Sunderland
The Emperor's Men at the Empire's Edges [p. 515]

Susan Smith-Peter
How to Write a Region: Local and Regional Historiography [p. 527]

Ehren Park and David Brandenburger
Imagined Community? Rethinking the Nationalist Origins of the Contemporary Chechen Crisis [p.543]

Norman Naimark
Post-Soviet Russian Historiography on the Emergence of the Soviet Bloc [p. 561]


Jennifer Spock
David M. Goldfrank, ed. and trans., The Monastic Rule of Iosif Volotsky; Amvrosii (Ornatskii), episkop, Drevnerusskie inocheskie ustavy: Ustavy rossiiskikh monastyrenachalÕnikov [Old Russian Monastic Rules: Rules of RussiaÕs Monastic Founders] [p.581]

Charles Steinwedel
Aviel Roshwald, Ethnic Nationalism and the Fall of Empires: Central Europe, Russia, and the Middle East, 1914Ð1923; Sviatoslav Kaspe, Imperiia i modernizatsiia: Obshchaia model' i rossiiskaia spetsifika [Empire and Modernization: The General Model and Russian Specificity] [p.587]

Gabor T. Rittersporn
Alla Iur'evna Gorcheva, Pressa Gulaga (1918-1955) [The Gulag Press, 1918-1955]; State Archive of the Russian Federation, Federal Archival Service of Russia, Moscow, International Institute for Social History, Amsterdam, The GULAG Press, 1920-1937 [p.599]

Michael David-Fox
Sergei Zhuravlev, ÒMalenkie liudiÓ i Òbol«shaia istoriiaÓ: Inostrantsy moskovskogo Elektrozavoda v sovetskom obshchestve 1920-khÐ1930-kh gg. [ÒLittle PeopleÓ and ÒBig EventsÓ: Foreigners of MoscowÕs Electrical Factory in Soviet Society, 1920sÐ30s] [p. 611]

Matthew Evangelista
Gennadii Gorelik, Andrei Sakharov: Nauka i svoboda [Andrei Sakharov: Science and Freedom]; Richard Lourie, Sakharov: A Biography [p.623]