Kritika Volume 5 No.1

Michael David-Fox
Peter Holquist
Alexander M. Martin


From the Editors
New Wine in New Bottles? [p. 1]


Aleksei Miller
Between Local and Inter-Imperial Russian Imperial History in Search of Scope and Paradigm [p. 7]

Sheila Fitzpatrick
Politics as Practice; Thoughts on a New Soviet Political History [p. 27]

The State of the Field

Leopold Haimson
Lenin's Revolutionary Career Revisited; Some Obeservations on Recent Discussions [p. 55]

Michael David-Fox
On the Primacy of Ideology Soviet Revisionists and Holocaust Deniers (In Response to Martin Malia) [p. 81]

Review Forum: Documentary History and Political Parties

Terence Emmons
Liberation or Liberalism? [p. 107]

Seymour Becker
A Conservative Lobby: The United Nobility in 1905-10 [p. 113]

Alexandra Korros
The Kadet Party and the Elusive Ideal of Internal Democracy [p. 117]

Shmuel Galai
The True Nature of Octobrism [p. 137]

Oleg Budnitskii
Russian Liberalism in War and Revolution [p. 149]

Semion Lyandres
Documents and Politics in 1917 [p. 169]

Igor' Narskii
The Right-Wing Parties; Historiographical Limitations and Perspectives [p. 179]

Sally A. Boniece
"Don Quixotes of the Revolution"? The Left SRs as a Mass Political Movement [p. 185]

Michael Melancon
The Neopolulist Experience; Default Interpretations and New Approaches [p. 195]

Frederick C. Corney
Party History &emdash;What It Is and Is Not [p. 207]

Claudia Weiss
Russian Political Parties in Exile [p. 219]

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