Kritika Volume 4 No.4

Michael David-Fox
Peter Holquist
Alexander M. Martin


From the Editors
What's in a Name?[p. 779]


Michael D. Gordin
Measure of All the Russias: Metrology and Governance in the Russian Empire [p. 783]

Elizabeth A. Papazian
Reconstructing the (Authentic Proletarian) Reader: Mikhail Zoshchenko's Changing Model of Authorship, 1929-34 [p. 816]
Jonathan Dekel-Chen
Farmers, Philanthropists, and Soviet Authority: Rural Crimea and Southern Ukraine, 1923-41 [p. 849]

Review Forum: The Kremlin and the Holocaust

Harvey Asher
The Soviet Union, the Holocaust, and Auschwitz [p. 886]

Jeffrey Herf
The Nazi Extermination Camps and the Ally to the East: Could the Red Army and Air Force Have Stopped or Slowed the Final Solution? [p. 913]

Review Essays

Paul Bushkovitch
The Monarch and the State in 18th-Century Russia [p. 931]

Jeff Sahadeo
Conquest, Colonialism, and Nomadism on the Eurasion Steppe [p. 942 ]

Jonathan Daly
Security Services in Imperial and Soviet Russia [p. 955]


Valerie Kivelson
Isolde Thyrêt, Between God and Tsar: Religious Symbolism and the Royal Women of Muscovite Russia; André Berelowitch, La Hiérarchie des égaux. La noblesse russe d'Ancien Régime (XVIe–XVIIe siècles) [Hierarchy of Equals: The Russian Nobility under the Old Regime (16th-18th Centuries)] [p. 974]

Lee A. Farrow
E.N. Marasinova, Psikhologiia elity rossiiskogo dvorianstva poslednei treti XVIII veka (Po materialam perepiski) [The Psychology of the Russian Gentry Elite in the Last Third of the 18th Century (Based on Correspondence)] [p. 982]

Susan Smith-Peter
Sergei Aleksandrovich Kozlov, Agrarnye traditsii i novatsii v doreformennoi Rossii (tsentral'no-nechernozemnye gubernii) [Agrarian Tradition and Innovation in Pre-Reform Russia (the Central Black Earth Provinces)] [p. 985 ]

Lukasz Chimiak
Myroslav Shkandrij, Russia and Ukraine: Literature and the Discourse of Empire from Napoleon to Postcolonial Times; Aleksandr V. Lipatov and I. O. Shaitanov, eds., Poliaki i russkie: Vzaimoponimanie i vzaimoneponimanie [Poles and Russians: Mutual Understanding and Misunderstanding]; Johannes Remy, Higher Education and National Identity: Polish Student Activism in Russia, 1832-1863 [p. 991]

Nigel Raab
Rainer Lindner, Historiker und Herrschaft: Nationsbildung und Geschichts-politik in Weissrussland im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert [The Historian and Power: Nation-Building and Historical Politics in Belarus in the 19th and 20th Centuries]; Dietrich Beyrau and Rainer Lindner, eds. Handbuch der Geschichte Weissrusslands [Handbook of Belarusian History] [p. 998]

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