Kritika Volume 2 No.2

Michael David-Fox
Peter Holquist
Marshall Poe

Special Issue
The State of the Field: Russian History Ten Years After the Fall

From the Editors
A Remarkable Decade [p. 229]

Ten Years After

Nancy Shields Kollmann
Convergence, Expansion, and Experimentation:
Current Trends in Muscovite History-Writing [p. 233]

Gary Marker
The Ambiguities of the 18th Century [p. 241]

Thomas C. Owen
Recent Developments in Economic History, 1700-1940 [p. 253]

Alfred J. Rieber
From Reform to Empire: Russia's "New" Political History [p. 261]

Gregory L. Freeze
Recent Scholarship on Russian Orthodoxy: A Critique [p. 269]

Alain Blum
Social History as the History of Measuring Populations:
A Post-1987 Renewal [p. 279]

V.P. Buldakov
Scholarly Passions around the Myth of "Great October":
Results of the Past Decade [p. 295]

Gábor T. Rittersporn
New Horizons: Conceptualizing the Soviet 1930s [p. 307]

Oleg Khlevniuk
Stalinism and the Stalin Period after the "Archival Revolution" [p. 319]

Loren R. Graham
The Birth, Withering, and Rebirth of Russian History of Science [p. 329]

Bruce W. Menning
A Decade Half-Full: Post-Cold War Studies in Russian and
Soviet Military History [p. 341]

Review Articles

Laura Engelstein
Culture, Culture Everywhere: Interpretations of Modern
Russia, across the 1991 Divide [p. 363]

David Rowley
Interpretations of the End of the Soviet Union: Three Paradigms [p. 395]


Nikolaos A. Chrissidis
Ekkehard Kraft, Moskaus griechisches Jahrhundert: Russisch-griechische
Beziehungen und metabyzantinischer Einfluss 1619-1694 [p. 427]

Marc Raeff
Raffaella Faggionato, "Un'utopia rosacrociana. Massoneria,
rosacrocianesimo e illuminismo nella Russia settecentesca: Il circulo
di N. I. Novikov"; Raffaella Faggionato, "Michail Speranskij e
Aleksandr Golicyn: Il riformismo rosacrociano nella Russia di
Alessandro I" [p. 434]

Eugene Clay
Aleksandr Etkind, Khlyst. Sekty, literatura i revoliutsiia [p. 445]

Katerina Clark
Viacheslav T. Sereda and A. S. Stykalin, eds. Besedy na Lubianke:
Sledstvennoe delo Dërdia Lukacha. Materialy k biografii [P. 451]

Ethan Pollock
Vladimir Dmitrievich Esakov, Akademiia nauk v resheniiakh
Politbiuro TsK RKP(b)-VKP(b), 1922-1952 [p. 456]