Kritika Volume 21 No.4

Andrew Jenks
Susan Morrissey
Williard Sunderland

From the Editors
Kritika Comes of Age!
Twenty-One Years and Counting...     693

Forum: War and Diplomacy in the Black Sea Region

Kahraman Şakul
From Mare Clausum to Mare Liberum
Black Sea Diplomacy in the Era of Russo-Ottoman Duopoly     701

Onur İŞçİ
Yardstick of Friendship
Soviet-Turkish Relations and the Montreux Convention of 1936       733

Forum: Myths of Empire and Faith

Louise McReynolds
Excavating Byzantium
Russia’s Archaeologists and Translatio Imperii     763

Elena Astafieva
The Russian Jesuit Myth       791

Review Forum: The Black Sea as a Microcosm of Empire

Sara Dickinson
The Enchantment of an Earlier Black Sea, 1768–1856     827

Michel Abesser
A Window to the South
The Russian Empire, the Black Sea, and Beyond       843

Review Essays

Alexander M. Martin
The Alienated Russian Nobility?     861

Katherine Pickering Antonovar
Discovering Russian Regions
Fruits of the Archival Turn in Imperial Russian History       877


Heather L. Bailey and Charles J. Halperin
Weaving a History of Russian Orthodoxy     893

Olga Velikanova
“Laughter Is a Serious Matter”       904

Kristin Roth-Ey
Conjuring the Bad Object in New Writing on Socialist Television       915

Contributors to This Issue    928