Kritika Volume 21 No.3

Andrew Jenks
Susan Morrissey
Williard Sunderland

From the Editors
Information, Raw and Cooked     461


Gregory Afinogenov
Russia’s Secret Archives: A Genealogy     467

Susan K. Morrissey
Violence, Publicity, and Incitement in the Russian Revolution of 1905–7       489

Roy Bar Sadeh
Between Cairo and the Volga-Urals:
Al-Manar and Islamic Modernism, 1905–17     525

Larissa Zakharova

Trust in Bureaucracy and Technology:

The Evolution of Secrecy Policies and Practice in the Soviet State Apparatus (1917–91)     555

Steven E. Harris

Dawn of the Soviet Jet Age:
Aeroflot Passengers and Aviation Culture under Nikita Khrushchev     591

Tarik Cyril Amar
Between James Bond and Iosif Stalin:
Seventeen Moments of Spring, a Soviet Cultural Event of the Cold War and the Post-Thaw    627

Andrew Jenks
Securitization and Secrecy in the Late Cold War:
The View from Space     659

Contributors to This Issue    690