Kritika Volume 20 No. 3

Andrew Jenks
Susan Morrissey
Williard Sunderland

From the Editors

An Interview with Kate Brown     437

Forum: Crime, Labor, and Justice in the Wartime USSR

Oleg Budnitskii
The Great Terror of 1941

Toward a History of Wartime Stalinist Criminal Justice    447

Oleg V. Khlevniuk
Deserters from the Labor Front

The Limits of Coercion in the Soviet War Economy    481


Alexander V. Maiorov
Byzantine Imperial Purple in Ancient Rus ́    505

Laurie Manchester
Fusing Russian Nationalism with Soviet Patriotism

Changing Conceptions of Homeland and the Mass Repatriation of Manchurian Russians after Stalin’s Death     529

History and Historians: Reflections on Women’s History

Introduction     559

Barbara Engel
“In the Beginning”     565

Eve Levin
A Journey through Feminism     571

Natalia Pushkareva
My Women’s History, My Memory     577

David L. Ransel
A Side Door to Women’s History     583

Christine D. Worobec
A Circuitous Path     591

Review Essays

Michael Hancock-Parmer Flight and Famine

Interrogating Collectivization, Stalinism, and Genocide     601

Eleonory Gilburd
Seminal Years and the Long Arc of the Moral Universe.    613


Steven Seegel
The Enlightenment in Russia and Points West.    627

Boris Ganichev
Seeing the Russian Empire through an Ottoman Prism.    634

Adeeb Khalid
Cottonizing Central Asia    644

Rósa Magnúsdóttir
Truth and Lies across the Iron Curtain    649

Oscar Sanchez-Sibony
The Struggle for a Political Economy from Gorbachev to Putin     655

In Memoriam

Alain Blum and Françoise Daucé
Larissa Zakharova (1977–2019)    662

Contributors to This Issue     673