Kritika Volume 20 No. 2

Andrew Jenks
Susan Morrissey
Williard Sunderland

From the Editors

“The Year That Changed the World”?​     221


Erratum​     226


Forum: Oral History and Memory in Soviet Central Asia

Jeff Sahadeo

Introduction ​     227

Marianne Kamp

Hunger and Potatoes: The 1933 Famine in Uzbekistan and Changing Foodways​      237

Adrienne L. Edgar

What to Name the Children? Oral Histories of Ethnically Mixed Families in Soviet Kazakhstan and Tajikistan​      269

Ali İğmen

Gender and National Identity in Memories of the Late 20th-Century Soviet Theater in Kyrgyzstan ​     291



Evgenii A. Krestiannikov

Along the Routes of Justice: Judicial Circuit Riding in Western Siberia during the Late Imperial Period ​     315


Review Essays

Alexander E. Balistreri

Writer, Rebel, Soldier, Shaykh: Border Crossers in the Historiography of the Modern Caucasus ​     345

Christine E. Evans

Stirlitz in Washington? What “Stagnation” Tells Us Now ​     365



Lynn Ellen Patyk

Reading, Writing, and Realism in 19th-Century Russia ​     377

Alexander Morrison

Convicts and Concentration Camps ​     390

Oksana Bulgakowa

The Other History of Soviet Cinema​     404

Joshua Rubenstein

Unearthing the Holocaust on the Russian Front ​     409

Susanne Schattenberg

Brezhnev’s Memos as a Source ​     421

Walter Sperling

Moscow, Maidan, and the Politics of Russia’s “Glorious Past” ​    430



Ben Eklof and Tatiana Saburova

To the Editors ​     433


Contributors to This Issue ​     435