Kritika Volume 20 No.1

Andrew Jenks
Susan Morrissey
Williard Sunderland


From the Editors
Walled Worlds “Illiberal Democracy” and the CEU Affair     1
Forum: “National Indifference” in the Russian Empire

Andrei Cusco
Russians, Romanians, or Neither?
Mobilization of Ethnicity and “National Indifference” in Early 20th-Century Bessarabia     7

Karsten Brüggemann and Katja Wezel
Nationally Indifferent or Ardent Nationalists?
On the Options for Being German in Russia’s Baltic Provinces, 1905–17     39

Alexei Miller “National Indifference” as a Political Strategy?     63


John M. Romero
Soviet Music as National Achievement
The development of Professional Music in the tatar Assr, 1928–59     73

Simone A. Bellezza
The “Transnationalization” of Ukrainian Dissent
New York City Ukrainian Students and the Defense of Human Rights, 1968–80     99

Review Essays

Luba Golburt
Private Affairs
Histories of the Russian Age of Sensibility     121

Theodore R. Weeks
Jews and Russians from Imperial to Soviet Times    133

Tarik Cyril Amar
Politics,  Starvation, and Memory
A Critique of Red Famine    145


Ricarda Vulpius
The Russian Variant of Enlightenment    171

Boris Kolonitskii
Before and After the Revolution     179

Vitalij Fastovskij
In Search of Soviet Podlinnost ́     184

Barbara Martin and Clemens Günther
Psychiatry in Late Soviet Literature     191

Karl D. Qualls
Making Spaces, Building Socialism, Transforming People     198

Andreas Hilger
The Global Cold War and its Legacies     208

Contributors to This Issue    219