Kritika Volume 19 No.4

Andrew Jenks
Susan Morrissey
Williard Sunderland


From the Editors

An Interview with Lewis H. Siegelbaum     689


Rachel Koroloff Juniper
From Medicine to Poison and Back Again in 17th-Century Muscovy     697

Siobhán Hearne
To Denounce or Defend?
Public Participation in the Policing of Prostitution in Late Imperial Russia     717

Yuexin Rachel Lin
The Opportunity of a Thousand Years
Chinese Merchant Organizations in the Russian Civil War     745

Edward Cohn
A Soviet Theory of Broken Windows
Prophylactic Policing and the KGB’s Struggle with Political Unrest in the Baltic Republics     769

Review Essays

Alison K. Smith
The Russian Empire, the Russian Nation, and the Problem of the 19th Century     793

Sofya Salomatina
Debtors and Creditors in the Modern Age
An Interdisciplinary Dialogue     813

Stephen M. Norris
Killing Stalin
An Interpretation in Three Acts    827


Jennifer Keating
Place, Power, and Experience in Tsarist Exile     849

Olga Malinova-Tziafeta
On the Path to Russian Modernity    861

Sören Urbansky
Challenges of Subalternity on the Northeast Asian Frontier    867

Joshua Rubenstein
Millenarian Bolshevism?    877

Igor Narskii
Archaeology of a Lost World and Remembering Soviet Life    891

Erratum 907

Contributors to This Issue    908