Kritika Volume 19 No.3

Andrew Jenks
Susan Morrissey
Williard Sunderland

From the Editors
Back in the USSR?     463


Tatiana Borisova and Jane Burbank
Russia’s Legal Trajectories     469

Steven Maddox
Gulag Football
Competitive and Recreational Sport in Stalin’s System of Forced Labor     509

Alain Blum and Emilia Koustova
Negotiating Lives, Redefining Repressive Policies
Managing the Legacies of Stalinist Deportations     537

Alissa Klots and Maria Romashova
Lenin’s Cohort
The First Mass Generation of Soviet Pensioners and Public Activism in the Khrushchev Era     573

Review Article

Antony Kalashnikov
Stalinist Crimes and the Ethics of Memory     599

Review Essay

Victoria Frede
Revolutionaries in Deed 627


Mari Isoaho
Shakhmatov’s Legacy and the Chronicles of Kievan Rus ́     637

Hilde Hoogenboom
Catherine the Great and Royal Biographies     649

Yanni Kotsonis
Russia and the Greek Revolution     661

Zhou Jiaying and Zhang Guangxiang
Chinese Scholars on Revolutionary Russia     671


Benjamin Nathans
To the Editors

With a response from Jonathan Daly     682

James H. Meyer
To the Editors

With a response from Norihiro Naganawa     684

Contributors to is Issue     686