Kritika Volume 19 No.2

Andrew Jenks
Susan Morrissey
Williard Sunderland

From the Editors
The Black Sea World and the Question of Boundaries      237

Forum: Food, Wine, and Leisure in the Black Sea Region

Diane P. Koenker
The Taste of Others
Soviet Adventures in Cosmopolitan Cuisines      243

Carol B. Stevens
Wine and Prosperity on the Russian Steppe      273

Stephen V. Bittner

A Problem of Taste
An American Connoisseur’s Travels through the Soviet Union’s Black Sea Vineyards and Wineries      305

Johanna Conterio
“Our Black Sea Coast”
The Sovietization of the Black Sea Littoral under Khrushchev and the Problem of Overdevelopment      327


Igor Fedyukin
The “German” Reign of Empress Anna
Russia’s Disciplinary Moment? 363

Malte Rolf
Between State Building and Local Cooperation
Russian Rule in the Kingdom of Poland, 1864–1915     385

History and Historians
An Interview with Robert Edelman    417

Review Essay
Alexandra Oberländer
Beam Me Up/Out/Somewhere, Tovarishch
Negotiating the Everyday in Late Socialism     433

Damien Tricoire
Diplomacy, Ceremonial, and Culture in Early Modern Russia     445

Mustafa Tuna
Loyalty and Negotiation in the Russian Empire     454

Contributors to This Issue    460