Kritika Volume 19 No.1

Andrew Jenks
Susan Morrissey
Williard Sunderland

Special Issue
Through Picture and Story
Artistic Approaches to History

Visions of Russian Culture and Politics
Images as Historical Sources     1

Forum: Depicting and Crafting the Ideology of Muscovite Tsardom

Brian J. Boeck
Problems and Possibilities of a “New” Muscovite Source      9

Sergei Bogatyrev
Three Takes on One Legend
Polyphony in Muscovite Court Culture     17

Nancy S. Kollmann
The Litsevoi Svod as Graphic Novel
Narrativity in Iconographic Style     53

Isolde Thyrêt
Visualizing the Literary Image of Muscovite Royal Wives
Grand Princess Evdokiia in the Skazanie vmale in the Chronicles of Ivan IV’s Reign     83


Joan Neuberger
Not a Film but a Nightmare:
Revisiting Stalin’s Response to Eisenstein’s Ivan the Terrible, Part II     115

Alexis Peri
The Art of Revision
How Vera Inber Scripted the Siege and Her Self during World War II     143

Review Article

Oleg Budnitskii
A Harvard Project in Reverse
Materials of the Commission of the USSR Academy of Scienceson the History of the Great Patriotic War—Publications and Interpretations     175

Review Essay

Ryan Tucker Jones
Approaching Russian History from European Seas     203


Austin Jersild
Sino-Soviet Relations, Decolonization, and the Global Cold War     217

Bathsheba Demuth
Soviet Environment, Capitalist World     225


Nana Tuntiya
To the Editors     231

Response by Alexandra Oberländer

Contributors to is Issue     234