Kritika Volume 18 No.4

Andrew Jenks
Susan Morrissey
Williard Sunderland


From the Editors

Historical Schools, Scholarly Lineages, and Methodological Pluralism     655



Anna Joukovskaia

A Living Law

Divorce Contracts in Early Modern Russia      661

Jan Arend

Russian Science in Translation

How Pochvovedenie Was Brought to the West, c. 1875–1945     683

Ksenia Tatarchenko

“The Computer Does Not Believe in Tears”

Soviet Programming, Professionalization, and the Gendering of Authority      709


Echoes of Great October

Michael David-Fox

Toward a Life Cycle Analysis of the Russian Revolution     741


History and Historians

Jonathan Daly The Pleiade

Five Scholars Who Founded Russian Historical Studies in the United States     785


Review Essay

Moritz Florin Beyond Colonialism?

Agency, Power, and the Making of Soviet Central Asia      827



Frank Golczewski
Four Traumatizations at Created Ukrainian Identity   839

Julia Richers
Remembering the Soviet Space Program    843

In Memoriam

Elena Marasinova
“All in Good Conscience”

In Memory of Michelle Lamarche Marrese (1964–2016) 848 Contributors to This Issue     856