Kritika Volume 18 No.2

Andrew Jenks
Susan Morrissey
Williard Sunderland


From the Editors

On the Centenary of Revolution     229



Alexander V. Maiorov

Prince Mikhail of Chernigov

From Maneuverer to Martyr     237

Mustafa Tuna

“Pillars of the Nation”

The Making of a Russian Muslim Intelligentsia and the Origins of Jadidism     257


Sören Urbansky and Helena Barop

Under the Red Star’s Faint Light

How Sakhalin Became Soviet     283

Molly Pucci

Translating the State

Czechoslovakia’s Search for the Soviet Model of the Secret Police, 1945–52      317


Ex Tempore: Did the Working Class Matter in 1917?

An Introduction from the Editors     345

Boris N. Mironov

Cannon Fodder for the Revolution

The Russian Proletariat in 1917     351


Sarah Badcock

Interrogating Working-Class Lives

Evidence in Social History     371

Diane P. Koenker

Talkin’ about Class Formation     377

William G. Rosenberg

On Cannon Fodder and Straw Men     389



Boris N. Mironov

The Workers Question and Revolutionary Gamesmanship in 1917     401


Review Essay

Norihiro Naganawa

Transimperial Muslims, the Modernizing State, and Local Politics in the Late Imperial Volga-Ural Region     417



Boris Belge

Between Party and People(s)—Where Music Sounds     437

Lewis H. Siegelbaum

Both Sides Now     444


Contributors to This Issue     450