Kritika Volume 17 No.4

Andrew Jenks
Susan Morrissey
Williard Sunderland


From the Editors

Across and Beyond

Rethinking Transnational History    715



Wim Coudenys
Translation and the Emergence of History as an Academic Discipline in 18th-Century Russia    721


Ellie R. Schainker
On Faith and Fanaticism 

Converts from Judaism and the Limits of Toleration in Late Imperial Russia     753


Grégory Dufaud and Lara Rzesnitzek
Soviet Psychiatry through the Prism of Circulation

The Case of Outpatient Psychiatry in the Interwar Period    781

Franziska Exeler
What Did You Do during the War?

Personal Responses to the Aftermath of Nazi Occupation     805


Donald J. Raleigh

“Soviet” Man of Peace

Leonid Il ́ich Brezhnev and His Diaries 837


Review Article

Paul W. Werth
Conformity and Defiance in a Religious Key     869

Review Essay

Christoph Witzenrath

Closing Gaps or Digging Holes?

Linking Imperial Frontiers in the 18th and 19th Centuries     897


Darius Staliunas
Poland in the Russian Empire     909

Jörn Happel
Spies and Diplomats in US Soviet Policy      918

Karl Schlögel
Crossing Intellectual Borders     926

Contributors to This Issue      930