Kritika Volume 17 No.3

Andrew Jenks
Susan Morrissey
Williard Sunderland


From the Editors

Revisiting Old Wars      489

Forum: Soviet Central Asia in and after World War II

Moritz Florin

Becoming Soviet through War

The Kyrgyz and the Great Fatherland War      495

Charles Shaw

Soldiers’ Letters to Inobatxon and O’g’ulxon

Gender and Nationality in the Birth of a Soviet Romantic Culture       517

Timothy Nunan

A Union Reframed

Sovinformbiuro, Postwar Soviet Photography, and Visual Orders in Soviet Central Asia       553

Artemy M. Kalinovsky

Central Planning, Local Knowledge?

Labor, Population, and the “Tajik School of Economics”       585


Adrienne Lynn Edgar

Central Asian History as Soviet History       621

Review Essays

Julia Leikin

Across the Seven Seas

Is Russian Maritime History More Than Regional History?       631

Jared McBride

Who’s Afraid of Ukrainian Nationalism?       647

Anna Ivanova

Socialist Consumption and Brezhnev’s Stagnation

A Reappraisal of Late Communist Everyday Life       665


David L. Ransel

Imperial Property Law and Its Consequences       679

Eric Lohr

The Russian Army in World War I       688

Scott Gehlbach

Taxes and Citizenship, 1850s–1920s       698

Vladimir Solonari

Soviet Foreign Relations “Hard” and “Soft,” 1917–45       702

Contributors to This Issue       712