Kritika Volume 17 No.2

Victoria Frede
Andrew Jenks
William Sunderland

From the Editors

The Vibrant 18th Century      237

Forum: Decrees and the Limits of Autocracy in 18th-Century Russia

Evgenii V. Akelev
The Barber of All Russia

Lawmaking, Resistance, and Mutual Adaptation during

Peter the Great’s Cultural Reforms      241

Sergey Chernikov
Noble Landownership in 18th-Century Russia

Revisiting the Economic and Sociopolitical Consequences of

Partible Inheritance      277

Elena Marasinova
Punishment by Penance in 18th-Century Russia

Church Practices in the Service of the Secular State      305

Lorenz Erren
Feofan Prokopovich’s Pravda voli monarshei as Fundamental Law

of the Russian Empire      333


Richard S. Wortman
Intentions and Realities in 18th-Century Monarchy

New Insights and Discoveries      361

History and Historians

Interview with William Craft Brumfield Faded Glory in Full Color

Russia’s Architectural History      379

David L. Ransel
From the Del ́vig House to the Gas-Scraper

The Fight to Preserve St. Petersburg      405

Review Essays

Michael D. Gordin
Reflexivity and the Russian Professoriate      433

Volodymyr Ryzhkovskyi

Beyond the Binaries

The Postwar Soviet Intelligentsia in History and Memory      447


George G. Weickhardt
Criminal Law in Muscovy      461

Jonathan W. Daly
Perlustration in Imperial Russia      466

François-Xavier Nérard
Stalinism as Traditional Political Culture      475


Justin Yoo
To the Editors      483

Isaac Scarborough
To the Editors      484

Contributors to This Issue      486