Kritika Volume 17 No.1

Victoria Frede
Andrew Jenks
William Sunderland

From the Editors

The Call of the Vozhd ́      1


Dmitrii Liseitsev
Reconstructing the Late 16th- and 17th-Century Muscovite State Budget     5

Maria Mayofis
The Thaw and the Idea of National Gemeinschaft

The All-Russian Choral Society      27

Alexey Golubev

Time in 1:72 Scale

Plastic Historicity of Soviet Models      69

Chris Miller
Gorbachev’s Agriculture Agenda

Decollectivization and the Politics of Perestroika      95

Review Forum: The Great Dictator Revisited

Michael David-Fox
The Leader and the System      119

Jörg Baberowski

Master of Power

Stalin and the Evolution of the Soviet System of Terror      131

Review Forum: Imperial Russia in the World

Martin Aust
New Perspectives on Russian History in World History      139

Alessandro Stanziani
Russian Economic Growth in Global Perspective      151

Review Essays

Stephen M. Norris
A Biographical Turn?      163

Alexander V. Reznik
Lev Trotskii as the Mirror of the Russian Revolution      181


Alexander M. Martin
Constructing Identity in Pushkin’s Russia      193

Elena I. Campbell
Foreign Faiths, Toleration, and Religious Freedom in the Russian Empire     205

Galina Ulianova
Private Lives and Public Spaces in Imperial Russia      215

Artemy M. Kalinovsky
Nationalism, Triumphalism, and the Final Months of the Soviet Union      228

Contributors to This Issue      233