Kritika Volume 16 No.4

Victoria Frede
Andrew Jenks
Paul W. Werth

From the Editors

Memorials, Memorials: Closing in on the 1917 Centenary     729

State of the Field: 1917 on the Eve of the Centenary

S. A. Smith
The Historiography of the Russian Revolution 100 Years On     733

Boris i. Kolonitskii
On Studying the 1917 Revolution: Autobiographical Confessions and Historiographical Predictions     751

Liudmila Novikova
The Russian Revolution from a Provincial Perspective     769


Donald J. Raleigh
The Russian Revolution after All These 100 Years     787


Lars T. Lih
Letter from Afar, Corrections from Up Close: The Bolshevik Consensus of 1917     799

Susanne Schattenberg
Trust, Care, and Familiarity in the Politburo: Brezhnev’s Scenarios of Power     835

Forum: Does Economic History Matter?

George Grantham
Economic History in a Russian Manner: The Gaidar Variations     859


Richard Ericson
Economic History, Economic Theory, and Soviet Institutions     891

History and Historians

Leonid Gorizontov
Anatolii Remnev and the Regions of the Russian Empire     901

Review Forum: Eurasian Borderlands and Empires—A Grand View

Brian P. Farrell
The Wide-Angle Lens? The Centrality of Russia in the Histories of Eurasia, Empires, and Borderlands     917

Peter C. Perdue
Geopolitics and Its Discontents     925

Huri Islamoglu
Is Eurasian State Building Reducible to Cultural Politics?     935

John P. Ledonne
Definitions, Methodology, and Arguments     943

Alfred J. Rieber
Response     951

Review Essay

Oleg Khlevniuk
No Total Totality: Forced Labor, Stalinism, and De-Stalinization     961

Theodore R. Weeks
Higher Education for Imperial Russian Jews     975

Lynn Ellen Patyk
Ambivalent reflections—Obshchestvo in the Time of Terrorism     980

Daniel Leese
Identity Discourses and the Sino-Soviet Split     988

Stephen M. Norris
Soviet Sound     997

Katherine Zubovich
Housing and Meaning in Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia     1003

In Memoriam

Simon Dixon
Isabel de Madariaga (1919–2014)     1013

Contributors to This Issue 1020