Kritika Volume 16 No.1

Victoria Frede
Andrew Jenks
Paul W. Werth

From the Editors
The Ukrainian Crisis and History     1

Mikhail A. Kiselev
State Metallurgy Factories and Direct Taxes in the Urals, 1700–50
Paths to State Building in Early Modern Russia     7

Michael Denner
Resistance Is Futile, but Nonresistance Might Work
The East and Russia in Tolstoi’s Political Imagination, 1905–10     37

Danielle Ross
Caught in the Middle
Reform and Youth Rebellion in Russia’s Madrasas, 1900–10     57

Johanna Conterio
Inventing the Subtropics
An Environmental History of Sochi, 1929–36     91

Forum: The Ukrainian Crisis, Past and Present
Faith Hillis
Intimacy and Antipathy
Ukrainian–Russian Relations in Historical Perspective     121

John-Paul Himka
The History behind the Regional Conflict in Ukraine     129

William Jay Risch
What the Far Right Does Not Tell Us about the Maidan     137

Alexei Miller
The “Ukrainian Crisis” and Its Multiple Histories     145

Georgiy Kasianov
How a War for the Past Becomes a War in the Present     149

Review Essay
Randall A. Poole
Nineteenth-Century Russian Liberalism
Ideals and Realities     157

Ann M. Kleimola
Medieval Visual Metaphors and Beasts Noble and Savage     183

Heather J. Coleman
Region and Nation in Late Imperial Russian Ukraine     194

Jan Hennings
World Revolution and International Diplomacy, 1900–39     204

Arkadi Zeltser
Soviet Jews in Belorussia and Ukraine     211

Karsten Brüggemann
The Lithuanian Cultural Elite and the End of the Soviet Union     219

Contributors to This Issue     227