Kritika Volume 15 No.4

Victoria Frede
Stephen Lovell
Paul W. Werth

From the Editors
An Interview with Laura Engelstein     679

Gary Marker
Narrating Mary’s Miracles and the Politics of Location in Late
17th-Century East Slavic Orthodoxy     695

Jeronim Perović
Chechnya in the Early 1920s
The Establishment of Soviet Power and the Case of Ali Mitaev      729

Forum: Soviet War Financing
Oleg Budnitskii
The Great Patriotic War and Soviet Society
Defeatism, 1941–42      767

Kristy Ironside
Rubles for Victory
The Social Dynamics of State Fundraising on the Soviet Home Front     799

Mark Edele
Toward a Sociocultural History of the Soviet Second World War     829

Classics in Retrospect
Russell E. Martin
“The Encounter between Personal Commitment and Scholarly Curiosity”
A Reappreciation of Sergei Fedorovich Platonov’s Ocherki po
istorii smuty

Review Essay
Alain Blum
The Fabric and Expression of Immaterial Relationships in History     853

Brian L. Davies
Muscovy’s Conquest of Kazan     873

Liliya Berezhnaya
Ukrainians, Cossacks, Mazepists     884

Jonas Kreienbaum
A World of Camps     896

Alexandra Oberländer
Courtrooms Most Russian?     902

Contributors to This Issue     910