Kritika Volume 15 No.3

Victoria Frede
Stephen Lovell
Paul W. Werth

Special Issue: In the Shadow of the Holocaust
Soviet Jewry on the Eastern Front

From the Editors
Soviet Jewry and Soviet History in the Time of War and Holocaust     471

Anna Shternshis
Between Life and Death: Why Some Soviet Jews Decided to Leave and Others to Stay in 1941     477

Vladimir Solonari
Hating Soviets—Killing Jews: How Antisemitic Were Local Perpetrators in Southern Ukraine, 1941–42?     505

Anika Walke
Jewish Youth in the Minsk Ghetto: How Age and Gender Mattered     535

Arkadi Zeltser
Differing Views among Red Army Personnel about the Nazi Mass Murder of Jews     563

Jan T. Gross
A Colonial History of the Bloodlands     591

History and Historians
Victoria Smolkin-Rothrock
“The Confession of an Atheist Who Became a Scholar of Religion”: Nikolai Semenovich Gordienko’s Last Interview     597

Review Essays
Mark Gamsa
Cities and Identity, War, and Memory in the Baltic Region     621

Polly Jones
Socialist Worlds of Dissent and Discontent after Stalinism     637

Paul Buskovitch
The Testament of Ivan the Terrible     653

Elise Kimerling Wirtschafter
Power and the 18th-Century Gentry     657

Yanni Kotsonis
Citizenship in Russia and the Soviet Union     665

Hiroaki Kuromiya
Stalin’s Rule of Terror     670

Contributors to This Issue     676