Kritika Volume 15 No.2

Victoria Frede
Stephen Lovell
Paul W. Werth

From the Editors
Making Russian History Up      231

Forum: 1812—The War in Words
Nikolai Promyslov
The Image of Russia in French Public Opinion, 1811–12      235

Victor Taki
The Horrors of War
Representations of Violence in European, Oriental, and
“Patriotic” Wars      263

Alexander M. Martin
The Last “War in Lace” or the First “Total War”?     293

Zhivka Valiavicharska
How the Concept of Totalitarianism Appeared in Late Socialist Bulgaria
The Birth and Life of Zheliu Zhelev’s Book Fascism     303

Vladislav Zubok
How the Late Soviet Intelligentsia Swapped Ideology     335

Forum: Fiction and the Historical Imagination
Carolyn J. Pouncy
History, Real and Invented      343

Alfred J. Rieber
A Tale of Three Genres
History, Fiction, and the Historical Detektiv      353

Julius Wachtel
The Road to Stalin’s Witnesses
Seeking Truth through Fiction     365

History and Historians
Joshua Rubenstein
A Jewish Radical, a Jewish Liberal, and Russian History      377

Review Article
Glennys Young
To Russia with “Spain”
Spanish Exiles in the USSR and the Longue Durée of Soviet History     395

Review Essay
Frances Nethercott
Reevaluating Russian Historical Culture      421

Elizabeth Kendall
Opera, Ballet, and Political Power      441

Isabelle Kaplan
Speaking Soviet in Kyrgyzstan      451

Stephen Brain
How the Soviets Explored the Cosmic Void and Found … Nothing      458

Peter B. Brown
To the Editors
With a response by Anna Joukovskaia     466

Contributors to This Issue    468

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