Kritika Volume 15 No.1

Victoria Frede
Stephen Lovell
Paul W. Werth

From the Editors
Open Letter on Open Access     1

Forum: Stalinism and the Economy
Andrew Sloin and Oscar Sanchez-Sibony
Economy and Power in the Soviet Union, 1917–39     7

Oscar Sanchez-Sibony
Depression Stalinism
The Great Break Reconsidered     23

Andrew Sloin
The Politics of Crisis
Economy, Ethnicity, and Trotskyism in Belorussia     51

Benjamin Loring
“Colonizers with Party Cards”
Soviet Internal Colonialism in Central Asia, 1917–39     77

Marcie K. Cowley
The Right of Inheritance and the Stalin Revolution     103

Andrei Markevich
Economics and the Establishment of Stalinism     125

Classics in Retrospect
Maureen Perrie
Uspenskii and Zhivov on Tsar, God, and Pretenders
Semiotics and the Sacralization of the Monarch     133

Review Essay
William G. Wagner
Religion in Modern Russia
Revival and Survival     151

Philip J. Swoboda
Belief and Unbelief in Russia     169

Louise McReynolds
Putting the Dacha in Its Place     180

Martin Schulze Wessel
Confessional Politics and Religious Loyalties in the Russian–Polish Borderlands      184

Charles Steinwedel
Jews and the State in the Russian Empire     197

Eileen Kane
World War I on the Eastern Front     207

William Tompson
Leadership Transition and Policy Change in the USSR after Stalin     217

Contributors to This Issue      229