Kritika Volume 14 No.4

Victoria Frede
Stephen Lovell
Paul W. Werth

From the Editors:

Interview with John P. LeDonne         701


Anna Joukovskaia
Unsalaried and Unfed
Town Clerks’ Means of Survival in Southwest Russia under Peter I         715

Beatrice Penati
The Cotton Boom and the Land Tax in Russian Turkestan (1880s–1915)         741

History and Historians:

Teresa Cherfas
Reporting Stalin’s Famine
Jones and Muggeridge: A Case Study in Forgetting and Rediscovery         775

Review Essays:

Patrick O’Meara
Recent Russian Historiography on the Decembrists
From “Liberation Movement” to “Public Opinion”         805

Christopher D. Ely
The Unfinished Puzzle of Identity in Imperial Russia          823

Catriona Kelly
Windows on the Soviet Union
The Visual Arts in the Stalin Era          837


Charles J. Halperin
The Battle of Kulikovo Field (1380) in History and Historical Memory         853

Peter B. Brown
Russia’s Administrative Agony 400 Years Ago          865

Theodore R. Weeks
Religious Tolerance in the Russian Empire’s Northwest Provinces          876

Ewa Bérard
Politics and Emotions in St. Petersburg          885

Sari Autio-Sarasmo
National Identity, Modernization, and the Environment          898

In Memoriam:

Daniel C. Waugh
The End of an Era
Remembering Sigurd Ottovich Shmidt (1922–2013)          910

Contributors to This Issue          921