Kritika Volume 14 No.3

Victoria Frede
Stephen Lovell
Paul W. Werth

From the Editors:

The Kritika Review Demystified       483


James H. Meyer
Speaking Sharia to the State
Muslim Protesters, Tsarist Officials, and the Islamic Discourses of
Late Imperial Russia       485

Anton Fedyashin
Sergei Witte and the Press
A Study in Careerism and Statecraft      507

Maya Haber
Concealing Labor Pain
The Evil Eye and the Psychoprophylactic Method of Painless
Childbirth in Soviet Russia       535

Gregory Afinogenov
Andrei Ershov and the Soviet Information Age      561

Review Essays:

Eugene M. Avrutin
Pogroms in Russian History       585

Stephen V. Bittner
A Negentropic Society?
Wartime and Postwar Soviet History      599

Juliane Fürst
Where Did All the Normal People Go?
Another Look at the Soviet 1970s       621


David Goldfrank
New on the Piety of Yore       641

Marcus C. Levitt
Personality and Place in Russian Culture—or Not      650

Françoise Lesourd
Russian Philosophy as a Defense of Human Dignity      659

Julia Obertreis
Soviet Urban Planning, Housing Policies, and De-Stalinization      673

Tanja Penter
Coming to Terms with a Violent Past       683

In Memoriam:

Gary Marker
Viktor Markovich Zhivov (1945–2013)      691


Peter Ruggenthaler
To the Editors      697

Contributors to This Issue      699