Kritika Volume 11 No.4

Stephen Lovell
Alexander M. Martin
Paul W. Werth

*2011 recipient of the Heldt Prize, Best Article in Slavic and East European Women's Studies,  Michelle Lamarche Marrese's "'The Poetics of Everyday Behavior' Revisited: Lotman, Gender, and the Evolution of Russian Noble Identity"


From the Editors When Does History End? . . . 697 Forum: The World of the 18th-Century Nobility MICHELLE LAMARCHE MARRESE “The Poetics of Everyday Behavior” Revisited: Lotman, Gender, and the Evolution of Russian Noble Identity . . . 701 IGOR FEDYUKIN “An Infinite Variety of Inclinations and Appetites”: Génie and Governance in Post-Petrine Russia . . . 741 Reaction SIMON DIXON Practice and Performance in the History of the Russian Nobility . . . 763 Article SIMO MIKKONEN Stealing the Monopoly of Knowledge? Soviet Reactions to U.S. Cold War Broadcasting . . . 771 Review Forum: Totalitarianism—The Comparative Dimension DIETRICH BEYRAU Nazis and Stalinists: Mutual Interaction or Tandem Development? . . . 807 JOHN CONNELLY Totalitarianism: Defunct Theory, Useful Word . . . 819 Review Essays ALEXANDER M. MARTIN History, Memory, and the Modernization of 19th-Century Urban Russia . . . 837 EKATERINA BOLTUNOVA Unity, Disintegration, and Monarchy: Romanov Russia in Recent Scholarship . . . 871 Reviews CAROL B. STEVENS Iurii Georgievich Alekseev, Pokhody russkikh voisk pri Ivane III (The Campaigns of the Russian Armies under Ivan III); Brian L. Davies, Warfare, State, and Society on the Black Sea Steppe, 1500–1700; Alexander Filjushkin, Ivan the Terrible: A Military History; Mikhail Markovich Krom, Starodubskaia voina, 1534–1537: Iz istorii russko-litovskikh otnoshenii (The Starodub War, 1534–37: From the History of Russian–Lithuanian Relations); Aleksandr Vital´evich Malov, Moskovskie vybornye polki soldatskogo stroia v nachal´nyi period svoei istorii, 1656–1671 gg. (The Muscovite Select Regiments of the Infantry in the Early Phase of Their History, 1656–71) . . . 889 MIRIAM DOBSON Tat´iana Nikol´skaia, Russkii protestantizm i gosudarstvennaia vlast´ v 1905–1991 godakh (Russian Protestantism and State Power, 1905–91); Catherine Wanner, Communities of the Converted: Ukrainians and Global Evangelism . . . 902 THOMAS SEIFRID Jochen Hellbeck, Revolution on my Mind: Writing a Diary Under Stalin; Irina Paperno, Stories of the Soviet Experience: Memoirs, Diaries, Dreams . . . 911 FREDERICK C. CORNEY Francis Xavier Blouin, Jr., and William G. Rosenberg, eds., Archives, Documentation, and Institutions of Social Memory: Essays from the Sawyer Seminar . . . 919 In Memoriam ALESSANDRO STANZIANI Michael Confino (1925–2010) . . . 930 Letters NICOLAS WERTH To the Editors . . . 935 With a response by PAUL HAGENLOH Contributors to This Issue . . . 940 Kritika Style Sheet . . . 942