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by Seth L. Wolitz Edited by Brian Horowitz & Haim Gottschalk


Yiddish Modernism: Studies in Twentieth-Century Eastern European Jewish Culture is a presentation of what enters into the construction of Yiddish modernism, with “Yiddish modernism” being a working term. In 25 articles published over the course of more than three decades of research, Seth L. Wolitz engagingly illustrates the renaissance of Jewish plastic arts, literature, poetry, drama, and music through a...

Edward Mozejko


A study of the life and writings of one of the greatest Bulgarian writers of the twentieth century. Since Yovkov is practically unknown in the West, this book deals with almost every important theme of his prose and dramas. The main part of the book contains five chapters, of which the first is devoted entirely to Yovkov's biography. Information about...

Dragan Milivojevic and Vasa D. Mihailovich


This is a bibliographical guide to the materials published in English on Yugoslav linguistics and the official languages -- Serbo-Croatian, Slovene, and Macedonian. In spite of the existence of annual bibliographies (the MLA Bibliography, Linguistic Bibliography, Year's Work in Modern Language Studies), as well as individual bibliographic guides, there is no single bibliography which covers the whole range of Yugoslav...