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Edited by Gerald J. Sabo, S.J. with a linguistic sketch by L'ubomir Durovic


Hugolin Gavlovic's Valaska Skola (The Shepherd's School), written in 1755 in the Slovak language before its codification in the late 1780s, will be of great interest to linguists as well as to specialists in Slovak literature and of the Slavic Baroque in general. Gavlovic (1712-87), a Franciscan priest, combined devotional poetry with an indignant social satire and broad range of...

Jan Perkowski


This omnibus volume collects under a single cover the entire oeuvre of writings by Jan Louis Perkowski on the vampire theme in mythology and folklore, including his three previously published monographs (Vampires, Dwarves, and Witches Among the Ontario Kashubs, 1972; Vampires of the Slavs, 1976; and The Darkling: A Treatise on Slavic Vampirism, 1989), in addition to 18 previously uncollected...


This collection of articles is devoted to Vasiliy Pavlovich Aksenov, one of the most outstanding writers in contemporary Russian literature. In spite of all changes, turn-abouts and zigzag developments so typical of Soviet cultural life in the past thirty years, Aksônov managed to shape his own creative profile as a writer independent of political pressures; he gained his artistic reputation...


This book is the first interdisciplinary and cross-cultural study of the most original and controversial turn-of-the-century Russian writer and thinker, Vasily Rozanov. Once described as the Russian Freud, Rozanov developed a unique methodology for his writing, a methodology based on the interpretation of cultural history through the lens of sexuality. As such, he can be viewed as a Russian Foucault...

xvi + 376

Here is the story of Vasily’s Island, the largest of the islands that make up St. Petersburg. While small in size, it has played a substantial role in several aspects of the city’s life since its founding in 1703, becoming above all its intellectual and educational center. Although little more than a glorified sandbar in the early eighteenth century, Vasily’s...


From the introduction: The rituals of wedding, delivery, and funeral provide us with an insight into how multiple strains of Russian culture from the October Revolution to the present have managed to coexist and evolve. All three rituals exhibit traces of the nineteenth-century rural folk behaviors considered to be essential for proper transition into a new social status. In addition,...

Ernest Poole

Edited and annotated by Norman E. Saul

xxix + 117

Chicago native, political activist, and journalist Ernest Poole (1880-1950) provides a distinctive view of the Bolshevik Revolution in his work, The Village: Russian Impressions. This work is unusual in the library of American accounts of Revolutionary Russia because he addresses the world of the Russian peasants, far away from the revolutionary centers of Petrograd and Moscow. He associated with a...

Edited by Robert Louis Jackson and Lowry Nelson, Jr.

xviii + 474

Yale Russian and East European Publications NO. 7

Robert Louis Jackson

 Vyacheslav Ivanov: An Introduction

 Victor Erlich

 The Symbolist Ambience and Vyacheslav Ivanov: Poet

 Sergey Averintsev

 The Poetry of Vyacheslav Ivanov

 Vladimir Markov

 Vyacheslav Ivanov the Poet:A Tribute and a Reappraisal

 Johannes Holthusen

 Vyacheslav Ivanov's Cor Ardens and the Esthetics of Symbolism

 Anna Tamarchenko

 The Poetics of Vyacheslav Ivanov: Lectures...